The Seventy Nations from Noah

Genesis 10:32, Genesis 11:1-8-9, Deuteronomy 32:7-8-9, Acts 17:24-26-28

The Descendents of Japheth Son of Noah (Genesis 10:1-5)

1/ Gomer (Greek Gamer) (Hebrew Gomer) - descendent of Gomer (especially)not of Ashkenaz, Riphath, or Togarmah

Genesis 10:2, 3, 1 Chronicles 1:5, 6, Ezekiel 38:6

Josephus mentions that Gomer began what the Greeks called the Galatians or Galls (Gauls) in Antiquities 1.6.1

2/ Magog (Greek Magog) (Hebrew Magowg) - descendent of Magog

Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5, Ezekiel 38:2, 6

Josephus mentions that Magog founded the Magogites but that the Greeks called them the Scythians in Antiquities 1.6.1

3/ Madai (Greek Madai) (Hebrew Maday) - descendent of Madai (Medes)

Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5, 2 Kings 17:6, 18:11, Ezra 6:2, Esther 1:3, 14, 18, 19, 10:2, Isaiah 13:17, 21:2, Jeremiah 25:25, 51:11, 28, Daniel 8:20, 9:1, Acts 2:9

4/ Javan (Greek Iooan) (Hebrew Yavan) - descendent of Javan (especially) other than through Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim and Dodanim

Genesis 10:2, 4, 1 Chronicles 1:5, 7, Isaiah 66:19, Ezekiel 27:13, 19

Josephus mentions that Javan is named Ionia to the Greeks and that is where all the Greeks are descended in Antiquities 1.6.1

5/ Tubal (Greek Thobel) (Hebrew Tuwbal) - descendent of Tubal and Japheth

Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5, Isaiah 66:19, Ezekiel 27:13, 32:26, 38:2, 3, 39:1

Josephus mentions that from Tubal or Thobel came the Thobelites that were called in his day the Iberians as in the Iberian peninsula or Spain and Portugal in Antiquities 1.6.1

Some Bible scholars think and I agree that some of the descendents or Tubal could have settled in some parts of Russia Siberia around the city of Tobolsk, especially since Tubal is mentioned in close connection with Meshech and Magog that are associated with Russia

6/ Meshech (Greek Mosoch) (Hebrew Meshek) - descendent of Meshech and Japheth

Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5, 17, Ezekiel 27:13, 32:26, 38:2, 3, 39:1

Josephus mentions that from Meshech or Mosoch came the Mosocheni who became known as the Cappadocians and they the city in Asia Minor called Mazaca is named after them in Antiquities 1.6.1

7/ Tiras (Greek Theiras) (Tiyrya) - descendent of Tiras and Japheth

Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5

Josephus mentions that from Tiras or Thiras came the Thirasians or what the Greeks called Thracians in Antiquities 1.6.1

Many Bible scholar also believe this is where the name of the city Tiranna the current capital of the nation Albania comes from and could be a wider reference to the Balkans area of Europe

8/ Ashkenaz (Greek Aschanaz) (Hebrew 'Ashkenaz) - descendent of Ashkenaz through Gomer and Japheth

Genesis 10:3, 1 Chronicles 1:6

Josephus mentions that from Ashkenaz or Ashkenax came the Ashkenaxians that were called the Rheginians by the Greeks in Antiquities 1.6.1

To this day the Jews or Israelites refer to the people in current Germany and adjacent Europe such as Poland as the Ashkenazi

9/ Riphath (Greek Riphath) (Hebrew Riyphath) - descendent of Riphath through Gomer and Japheth

Genesis 10:3, 1 Chonicles 1:6

Josephus mentions that from Riphath came the Ripheans that came to be called the Paphlagonians in Antiquities 1.6.1

10/ Togarmah (Greek Thogorma) (Hebrew Togarmah) - descendent of Togarmah through Gomer and Japheth

Genesis 10:3, 1 Chronicles 1:6, Ezekiel 27:14, 38:16

Josephus mentions that Togarmah or Thrugramma came the Thrugrammeans that the Greeks called the Phyrgians in Antiquities 1.6.1

11/ Elishah (Greek Elisa) (Hebrew 'Eliyshah) - descendent of Elishah through through Javan and Japheth

Genesis 10:4, 1 Chronicles 1:7, Ezekiel 27:7

Josephus mentions that Elishah or Elisa produced the Eliseans that came to be called the Aolians in Antiquities 1.6.1. On page 248 of the Genesis Record by Dr. Henry Morris he says concerning Elishah and their descendents: "'Hellas' is a form of 'Elishah', which came to be applied to Greece as a whole (note Hellespont, Hellenists etc.). The Iliad of Homer mentions the Eilesians people"

12/ Tarshish (Greek Tharseiz) (Hebrew Tarshiysh) - descendent of Tarshish through Javan and Japheth

Genesis 10:4, 1 Chronicles 1:7, 2 Chronicles 9:21, 20:36, Psalm 48:7, 72:10, Isaiah 23:1, 6, 60:9, 66:19, Ezekiel 27:12, 25, Jonah 1:3, 4:2 etc. possibly also a reference to Tharshish as in 1 Kings 10:22, 22:48

Josephus said that from Tarshish or Tharsus came the Tharsians which was the old name for the Cilicians and that Tarsus in Asia Minor was derived from that

Most Bible scholars and I agree that Tarshish also refers to southern Spaid near present day Cadiz Spain and in what parts there was a place named Tarseusus in ancient times

13/ Kittim (Greek Kitoi) (Hebrew Kittiy) - descendent of Kittim through Javan and Japheth

Genesis 10:4, 1 Chronicles 1:7 also same word in Hebrew spelled Chittim as in Numbers 24:24, Isaiah 23:1, 12, Jeremiah 2:10, Ezekiel 27:6 Daniel 11:30

Josephus mentions from Kittim or Cethimus took the island of Cethima that came to be called Cyprus and that a city there from the same background is called Citius, he also says this was a term used for the other Greek islands

14/ Dodanim (Greek Rodioi) (Hebrew Dodaniym) - descendent of Dodanim through Javan and Japheth. According to the Genesis to the Genesis Record by Dr. Henry Morris page 248-249 "Dodanim is the same, evidently, as Rodanim (1 Chronicles 1:7). His name is probably preserved today in the geographical names Dardanelles and Rhodes." In the map The Table of Nations in the Appendix at the end of the book The Genesis Record Dodanim is labelled as the islands of the Aegian Sea off the coast of Asia Minor or Turkey. These islands included not only Rhodes but also Patmos and other islands and their original inhabitants would likely be descended from Dodanim.

Genesis 10:4, 1 Chronicles 1:7 (Rodanim)

B/ The Isles (Islands or Coastlands of the Sea)

Genesis 10:5

Tarshish as associated with the isles of the sea

Isaiah 60:9, Psalm 72:10 island of Malta (Melita) as perhaps associated with Tarshish Acts 28:1-11

Chittim (Kittim) (Cyprus) son of Javan

Jeremiah 2:10, Ezekiel 27:6, Isaiah 23:1-3


Ezekiel 27:7


Isaiah 66:19


Isaiah 66:19


Ezekiel 39:6

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