Antichrist or the Beast Out of the Sea

Scriptural Background of the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea

The real beginning of the idea of the Antichrist began with the Jewish people in the period between the Old and New Testament in the 2nd century BC. At that time Israel was under the control of the Greeks. Although this period is between the Old and New Testaments some of the major events are prophesied in considerable detail in the Book of Daniel. In Daniel chapter 11 the "little horn" or "vile person" is mentioned. This refers to Antiochus Ephiphanes who defiled the Jewish Temple in 165 BC by offering a pig or swine on it. A pig is an unclean animal or abomination to the Jews in Daniel 11:31. It also mentions that he will take away the daily sacrifice in Daniel 11:31. Those that know their God were the Jewish fighters named the Maccabees. The idea of the Antichrist was also in Antiochus Ephiphanes trying to set up an ungodly government to suppress the worship of the One true God in this case the Jewish worship of Him and to suppress their nation. This is mentioned in Daniel 11:28, 30 in the statement that he shall have indignation or anger against the holy covenant meaning Israel's covenant relationship with God. This will also be the case of the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea in the 70th week of Daniel or the Great Tribulation although he will also be against anyone placing genuine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the promised Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world.

New Testament Background of the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea

In the New Testament period because it was corrupt and ungodly and persecuted Christians and didn't accept the Christian teaching that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and know Him and get His eternal life and that He will set up God's government over the Earth, the 1st century Christians saw the Roman Caesars and the Roman Empire as the Antichrist or the government of the Antichrist. This comes across very strongly in the book of Revelation. Evangelical Christians, however, believe with globalization, increasing intrusion of privacy, increase of ungodliness and the rise of the European Union that the Antichrist will be revealed soon, right after the rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians. We think the Antichrist will rule the world from Europe possibly Rome. He will have relations in power with the other kings of the Earth and the last days interfaith religious system that will probably be headed by the Roman Catholic Church. The Antichrist is also called the Beast out of the Sea of Perdition and the Man of Sin. The Antichrist especially in the second half of the Tribulation will be totally submissive and loyal to and empowered by the devil or the dragon - Satan or Lucifer. He will also be part of the Satanic Trinity of the last days that will be Satan's counterfeit of the Divine Trinity. The Antichrist will be like Jesus Christ in the Divine Trinity in that he will be the main Incarnation but of Satan and evil instead of God the Father and good as is the case of the Lord Jesus Christ. Besides the Antichrist will include Satan and the Beast out of the Land or the False Prophet. The Beast out of the land will most likely be Jewish as the land always speaks of the Jews and their land of Israel in the Bible while the sea often speaks of the nations or the Gentiles. The Beast out of the land will be the Satanic counterpart for the Holy Spirit and Satan will be the evil counterpart for God the Father.

October 2017 5 Year Chinese Party Congress Held in Beijing China With Large Change in Chinese Leadership Expected in World's Second Largest Economy

At the Chinese Communist Conference that happens in the Chinese capital Beijing there will be over 2000 Communist Party delegates. This is the regular 5 year conference that has the review, promotion or replacement of many of the leadership positions including some top leadership positions as one of its main objectives according to the BBC and other sources. This conference has a closed door format. Current Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping was generally thought to be given a further term as overall Chinese leader and this was what happened. At this conference there is also selection of who else rules or continues to rule China for the next 5 years in other top positions in the Chinese Communist Party under its top leader who continues to be Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping. There were expected to be and actually was a large turnover of other leading positions under Chinese President Xi in main policy making group called the Politburo Standing Committee and could be compared to a collection of top Secretarial or Cabinet Minister positions in the US or other western governments. At this conference there are also major national policy decisions made and announced for China for the next 5 years or longer.

To welcome the congress delegates there are extensive greeting banners and festival decorations or patriotic entertainers. On a more sombre note Beijing was also at the 5 year communist congress time on high security alert with much heavier coverage of security police which had effects including longer lines at railway stations and other transportation centres due to extra security checks. Due to all the extra security and probably some roads being closed or disrupted due to the conference some restaurants, gyms, nightclubs and karaoke bars temporarily closed down during the conference and Airbnb and some other room-sharing businesses limited operations at the time due to decreased demand. The austerity or anti-corruption initiative launched by Chinese President Xi near the beginning of his first term in 2012 led to a more limited congress this time including reports from China that there less extensive welcome features at Beijing hotels such as decorations and extragavent meals.

A common expectation of China watchers is that this conference would result in more concentration of Chinese power in the hands of its leader Xi Jinping which is certainly what happened looking back on the conference. At the conference it is anticipated that the Chinese Communist Party will amend its constitution to include a prominent place for the philosophy of President Xi Jinping which is called "Xi Jinping thought". This did happen and promotes him to the top level of Chinese Communist Party leaders such as founder Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping who succeeded Mao and opened China to capitalism. President Xi has increased control within the Communist Party with a widespread anti-corruption crackdown although the there were numerous officials who were fired or demoted due to not being in full agreement with Xi Jinping and his party faction as much as those who were demonstrating corrupt behaviour or speech. In the last 5 year under Xi Jinping he has led the firing of over 1,000,000 people in the Communist Party or related bodies. Under Mr. Xi in his first term of office since 2012 there has also been an increased anti-corruption crackdown on Chinese society in general including heavier censorship in the media including the internet and arrests of lawyers and activists. There was also more limitations put on Christians and probably other religious groups in China in President Xi's first term such as ordering Chinese Communist Party officials who wouldn't fully commit to communist doctrine including atheism to leave the party and for Christian and other religious groups to put Communist doctrine including atheism and the supremacy of the communist leadership above biblical or other Christian teaching or the religious teaching of followers of other religions. In Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping's first term China has seen increasing modernization and restructuring and has become bolder in a global basis. Probably due largely to continued economic and other success and more prominent global status for China, Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping still is supported widely by general Chinese citizens.

November 2017 Promoting of Surveillance Society Main Part of New Focus on China Domestically Implementing and Exporting Technology and It's Part in Preparing for the Antichrist of the Tribulation

On the 2nd page of the BBC article: "China' Xi Jinping opens "New Era" for country and the world" at the 19th 5 year Chinese Communist National Congress in Beijing in late October 2017 the Chinese leader mentioned in his main speech the socialist or communist model or China's society and government. He further mentioned that he wanted to offer "a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while maintaing their independence." The BBC article continues: "At home China is already a surveillance state accelerating its ability to listen to every call and track every face, online posting, movement and purchase. Expect it now to export not just the governance model but the cyber weapons to make that work." There was further coverage of this surveillance program in Wired Magazine online in an article with the title: "Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens" also posted at the end of October 2017. This article further explained how China has built up online profiles of all its citizens. China uses or is threatening to use these citizen profiles much more shortly to reward people with positive profile who do and say things positive to the Communist Part including Party Leader Xi Jinping that could help people more easily get into good universities, get a good job, get a good marriage partner or get medical or other government services. Those citizens who said or did things that Xi Jinping or the Chinese Communist party didn't like would be denied good jobs or university placements etc. under this system. This system could also and will probably be a version of a program the Satanically possessed Antichrist. He will rule the world for the 7 year tribulation especially the worldwide more tyrannical last 3 1/2 years. The mark of the beast system of the Antichrist will probably only let people buy or sell unless they had the mark of the beast that could include goods and services and be based on their online and otherwise government profile of people. To then refuse this mark would be to risk being killed by the the Antichrist in Revelation 13, the Beast out of the Sea but to take it would to sell one's soul eternally to the devil and spend eternity in the lake of fire according to Revelation 14. That these things are having their stage set now on a global basis, from both China and the west, should alert the reader and I as a blood bought by God's Son Jesus Christ restored child of God urge you as soon as possible, if you haven't already, to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for all our sins and rose again from the dead to give us eternal life and a restored relationship with our Creator and then come to be Saviour God. If you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ before the very soon coming rapture of the Church, that will be just before the Antichrist is revealed on Earth through his confirming a Middle East and perhaps worldwide Peace Treaty (Covenant) as in Daniel 9:27 that will allow Israel to build their third Jewish temple on the Temple Mount you can be also assured you will be taken to heaven with the rest of Jesus' and God the Father's true Church. God's true Church is His people called out to Himself from all nations through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you trust in Jesus before the rapture or catching up to Heaven of the Church you can also be assured you won't be left behind on earth during Earth's darkest day of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel including the great tribulation.

Novemeber 2017 Specifics of Selection Process of China's Top Leadership Positions and Overall Top (Chinese Communist Party Chairman) Positions at 5 Year Congress Meetings

According to sources such as the BBC article on October 7, 2017 with the title: "Communist Party congress: How China picks its leaders" the selection process of China's top leaders is given in general. This process takes place in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People there that is China's equivalent of a parliament building or congressional building. Over 2000 delegates from all over China who are members of the Chinese Communist Party gather at that time and place every 5 years such as last month (October 2017). First the about 2300 and over 2000 Communist Party of China delegates elects the authoritative Central Committee that has approximately 200 people. The central committee then selects the Communist Party Politburo. This Chinese Party Politboro then selects the Politboro Standing Committee. The present number of members of The Chinese Party Politboro is 24 and of the Chinese Party Politboro Standing Committee 7 although there is some slight differences in these numbers over the years and at different 5 year meetings. Although there are votes for these positions by the delegates or central committee etc., actually the leaders that are eventually selected have been chosen beforehand and these votes at the 5 year congress just make it official. The Chinese Communist Party Central Committee also selects the top leader the Chairman or General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and President of the country. It was expected beforehand that Xi Jinping would be re-appointed as the top leader of China for a second 5 year term and this is what actually happened. The unwritten but usually held to age limit for politboro members is 68 years old after which they are expected to retire. There would usually be one of more appoinees in the Politboro especially the Standing Committee in their 50s who could be trained as the next Communist Party General Secretary and Chinese president. However this time it turned out that only 1 other former Standing Committee member than Mr. Xi was retained and the 5 new members selected were all in their 60s which could mean that Chinese President Xi Jinping, already in his 60s, could have his way paved for an exceptional 3rd five year term in 5 years from now in 2022 at the next 5 year Chinese Communist Party General Congress Meeting. This and the fact that many other top leaders that were chosen at this meeting, including of the Communist Party Politboro Standing Committee, were mostly loyal to him and of not much competing power more centralizes and increase his power over the Chinese Communist Party and of the country for at least the next 5 years.

November 2017 Summary of Fuller Stage of Revision of Chinese Military Personnel and Structure by Chinese President Xi Jinping Announced at 2017 5 Year Chinese Communist Party Central Congress Meeting

Perhaps the greatest achievent of Chinese President Xi Jinping in his first five year term was a significant reform of the Chinese armed forces. This gives signficant insight into China's near term political goals according to political analyst Cheng Li as referred to in a BBC article China congress: Military facelift a sign of bigger changes. Chinese President Xi showed determination to take different substantial measures in reforming China's armed forces and this has significant altered China' People's Liberatin Army (PLA). One early and needed reform by Mr. Xi was to fire many top generals who were regarded as corrupt due to such practices as selling military titles. In addition Chinese President Xi showed persistent determination to re-organize and bring up-to-date China's armed forces. President Xi's military reforms have been centred on limiting the four "general departments" of the PLA that had acted as in practice another branch of the government under military leadership. This former arrangement had limited the power of the civilian controlled Central Military Commission (CMC). President Xi also thoroughly changed China's military structure from a Russian style military focused on the army to what policy analysts call a "Western-style joint command". Mr. Xi also quickly advanced "young guards" to highest official positions in the military. According to the BBC years will be required to more completely determine these reforms' effects on the Chinese armed forces or beyond that. However Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping is carrying out further reforms. Based on the substantial number of military and police representatives at the 5 year Chinese Party Congress where promotions or installations of new leaders are reported there could well be the largest replacement of high-level officials in the Chinese military in Chinese Communist history. There will be an exceptional 90% of first time people among the total 300 military representatives at this congress. Also remarkable is that no more than 17% or seven out of 41 of the military delegates with full membership in the last or 18th Central Committee will keep their positions going forward from this current 19th Communist Party congress. This will also be an unprecedented replacement fraction in the military delegates at a 5 year Communist Party congress. Probably the new Chinese armed forces leadership will be comprised of Chinese President Xi's long-standing friends General Zhang Youxia, General Li Zuocheng and Admiral Miao Hua and commanders of the PLA army, navy, air force and strategic support force who were just received more advanced positions. These military commanders on the new Chinese joint military command are familiar for length and depth of military service, war or war games experience, and academic knowledge of current war strategy or practices. The high degree of turnover in the top military positions at this congress also indicates more general Chinese leadership changes especially more centralized power for Chinese President Xi Jinping going forward from this congress. All things considered there could be as high as 70% of delegates from the 2012 Chinese Party Central Committee who will not be sitting as part of the current 2017 19th Chinese Communist Party Central Committee.

From a Biblical Christian viewpoint this makes it much more likely Chinese President Xi Jinping will be in the inner circle with the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea and the False Prophet when they come to rule the world in the very soon coming 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. However it is still most likely based on God's word the Holy Bible, particularly from Daniel 9 and Revelation 17 that the antichrist himself will come from the revived roman empire especially Europe.

May 2017 First Foreign Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump Includes Prominent World Religious, Political, Economic and Military Centres

The first foreign policy trip of new US president Donald Trump included important western religious centres including Saudi Arabia, the place of the origin of the Muslim faith, Israel, the place of the origin of the Jewish and Christian faith and the Vatican the place of the origin of the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity. President Bush's trip also included stops in Brussels, Belgium to talk with representatives of the European Union (EU) and with other leaders of NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that has traditionally been seen as a collective defence organization especially against the Russian dominated Soviet Union in the cold war and with still some role in that way against Russia currently. He also made a stop in Sicily, Italy for a meeting of the western plus Japan heads of state in the G7 world political group. According to a report in the online source axios on May 29 called The shadow secretary of state there was a claim made that a White House official told this source axios that it was President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner who had organized the first part of Trump's trip to the centres of the world's main western religions to speak to 3 of the largest world religions. This later turned out to be an attempt to get them all on an alliance against Islamic terrorism particularly Iran and Isis.

May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First G7 Meeting in Sicily, Italy

One of the main issues that especially Canada and European representatives of the G7 wanted to talk about at this first G7 meeting with Donald Trump as the American president was climate change. According to a CBC article with the title G7 leaders agree on counter-terrorism, but clash with Trump on climate, trade Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was entering the G7 meeting intending to promote the virtues and importance of reducing climate change as well as promoting free trade. This was at the same time as new US President Donald Trump was entering the same summit with a record of lack of interest in addressing the issue of reducing global warming, and not seeing it as a real issue and threatening that the US would pull out of the recently agreed Paris climate change agreement that was signed by the US under former US president Barack Obama. The European members of the G7 and perhaps to some extent Japan also went into the G7 meeting intending to make reducing global warming a major issue including seeking to persuade the United States and US President Donald Trump not to withdraw the US form the recent Paris global climate change or global warming agreement.

The leaders of the other six G7 nations did make a joint recommittment of their countries to the upholdingthe Paris climate change accord and to continue to seek to reduce human induced global warming but were not very successful to getting the US through US President Donald Trump to join their position. According to the BBC article G7 talks: Trump isolated over Paris climate change deal the Axios news web site referred to three news sources that before the summit Mr. Trump had already decided the US would pull out soon from the Paris global warming accord. The US wouldn't agree to budge on the issue of climate change despite intense pressure from the other G7 leaders at the summit and mostly said the US would announce its decision about climate change including their extent of involvement in the Paris accord next week (as of the late May conference). It turned out that he did make that announcement around that time but it was in fact that the US would and now has withdrawn from the Paris global warming agreement. This caused a global outcry from environmentalists and their allies but was gladly received by many social conservatives and some scientists who believe that man induced global warming has come to unduly dominant discussion of environmental issues in the world and that there has been some dishonesty in presenting the case for man induced global warming by some of its advocates and that the issue of combating global warming has come to be a new front for big goverment and global goverment through UN involvement and carbon taxes or carbon trading and government subsidies of renewable energy and association of the New Age movement and other pagan religion with promoting the effort against global warming interpreted as saving mother earth. The failure of the other six nations of the G7 to persuade US president Trump to make a renewed committment to combatting climate change and continuing American involvement in the Paris anti global warming accord heavily contributed to leaving the G7 divided at the end of the conference including in their summary report.

One area that was to be discussed at the meeting and where more change was expected and achieved was the united effort against (especially Islamic) terrorism. At the end of the conference all G7 nations the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan did produce a united statement against combatting terrorism. I heard that Italy and perhaps the G7 chose the location of Sicily as the meeting place for this year's G7 meeting in order to highlight the struggle against terrorism and the aspect somewhat associated with it of uncontrolled migration into Europe from often heavily Islamic countries such as from North Africa into Italy or from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan or other places in Asia including other Islamic nations through Greece. Some results from the G7 summit against terrorism was a statement of all G7 nations to continued and strengthened united efforts against terrorism. There was also a united call by the G7 nations for large internet social media, search engine or other companies to do more to cut out exteme Islamic internet content. The G7 nations also made a joint statement of support for the UK in reference to and in response to the recent Manchester UK terrorist bombing where 22 people with some children killed. They made a statement that Daesh (Islamic State) is "evolving rather than disappearing" as voiced by UK leader Theresa May. She went on to say on this issue I believe with agreement from other G7 leaders: "As they lose ground in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters are returning and the group's hateful ideology is spreading online. Make no mistake, the fight is moving from the battlefield to the internet". However I have heard recently that often radical Islamic material on the internet is not enough to radicalize young people especially males or other people that might be susceptible but that usually it is necessary that they also become personally involved with a jihadist recruiter who personally mentors them to become more of an Islamic extremist and jihadist. A Mr. Choudury in the UK is an especially appropriate example of this and has had limits placed on him by the federal government there.

According to the CBC article G7 leaders agree to fight protectionism, but US delays decision on climate agreement part of a statement on joint security against terrorism read: "We call upon all countries of the region to play a constructive role by contibuting to efforts to achieve inclusive political solutions, reconciliation and peace, which are the only way to eradicate ISIL, other terrorist groups and violent extremism in the long-term in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and beyond". According to another CBC article on the G7 summit with the title G7 leaders agree on counter-terrorism, but clash with Trump on climate, trade there was included in the communique against terrorism that the G7 is already against terrorism but needed to do more quickly in light of the then especially recent Manchester UK terrorist bombing. The G7 statement against terrorist also asserted: "We will bring the fight against terrorism to a higher level by relentlessly preventing, investigating and prosecuting terrorist acts, their perpetrators and supporters". The agreed commique also affirmed: "Our shared systems of values and norms, respect for human rights and cultural diversity, the promotion of fundamental freedoms and the principles on which our societies are built will remain a beacon for our common action and the first and best defence against this common threat". (The common threat referred to is terrorism which is usually Islamic terrorism.)

One other area of foreign relations that both Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and European leaders and most likely Japan were eager to promote but that resistance was expected from US leader Donald Trump was global free trade. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland summed up some of the expectations of the summit about progress on free trade and some other issues by Canada and other non-US participants before the conference in saying: "There are clearly some areas where the Canadian position may not be universally embraced". According to the BBC the Italian Prime Minister Mr. Gentiloni mentioned that there had been progress on a joint statement on free trade to some up that discussion area from the conference. The Italian Prime Minister said according to the BBC: "But it seems to me that direct discussions today have produced common positions that we can work on". Before the G7 conference there was concern that US President Donald Trump would specifically put forward an isolationist position for the US or other countries against free trade. In part of the 2016 US Presidential Campaign now President Trump warned he would put customs duties against Germany for their trade surplus against the US in relation to which he said Germany owed "vast sums of money" to the US and NATO.

One thing that has characterized the G7 from the start has been its support of world and bilateral or between two countries free trade. The last meeting of the G7 in Japan emphasized that the G7 should seek to "avoid protectionism". However there was a lot more divided position at this latest G7 meeting with US President Trump having been elected in large part with the slogan "put American first" including to refuse further free trade deals and reduce the US in existing ones with the recognition that the main benefit of such deals is usually to the already rich and the expense of the poor both working poor or unemployed. This is even though some of these trade deals might increase the GDP or economic activity overall but it increases the disparity in income in different ecomonic classes. The German magazine Der Spiegel quoted President Trump as stating in another meeting probably in Brussels with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that Germans were "very bad" in reference to exports of cars to the US. Despite these disagreements with the US the G7 leaders did agree on a final statement regarding trade that included the declarations that they would "fight protectionism" and that "trade has not always worked to the benefit of everyone". Apparently Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a significant part in getting the final conference statement on trade that the G7 should fight protectionism. Some of the Canadian and European leaders did promote free trade between their own countries and the US on a bilateral basis in one-on-one talks at the summit. According to the article in the Globe and Mail with title Europe-U.S. rift develops after a tense, Trump-filled G7 summit after the joint statement about trade including a joint mention against protectionism and that free trade wasn't against some nation's interest Gary Cohn the US White House chief economic adviser and director of the National Economic Council stated that the US wouldn't any longer accept trade rules the US considers that are against its interests saying: "We do to you what you do to us" that could be interpreted as threatening trade wars against other nations the US doesn't think are trading with the US enough for their interest.

Another significant issue or set of issues discussed at the summit was migration and food security (and relation to terrorism or crime). Also invited to and that participated in at least part of this G7 summit were some leaders of African nations from where some of the migrants originate that seem to come to Europe through Italy through Libya and the Mediterranean Sea. These other nations represented according to a Wikepedia article 43rd G7 Summit were of Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia. Not just on the migrant issue but also on other issues at the conference some other leaders that were present were the EU Council President Donald Tusk, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, African Union Chairman Moussa Faki, African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, OECD Secretary General Jose Angel Gurria, IMF Directing Christine Lagarde and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. Presidents of the above mentioned African nations participated in the discussions about migration which including urging richer or more developed countries in Europe and elsewhere to financially or otherwise support African or other developing countries diversify and strenghten their economies.

This would be especially so African or other developing countries' youth wouldn't risk the hazardous trip to Europe. But other Italian ideas such as advocating some benefits of migration to Europe or the developed world and take measures against lack of stable food supply in Africa and some other places of the developing world were discounted before the G7 summit. Apparently the US government of Donald Trump wasn't willing to accept benefits of especially uncontrolled migration. These measures were encouraged to be discussed especially by the Italians and other Europeans due to the regular deaths of migrants seeking to cross to Europe with over 1000 so far this year and quite a few more in previous years. However it should be mentioned that these migrants come to Europe without official permission or agreement to Europe and in a lot of cases don't have too many skills and a couple per cent of them come with the intent of conducting Islamic terrorism or other disruption. The Globe and Mail report said the G7 summit didn't agree to issue pledges of food aid to Africa. This was mostly due to lack of support from the US as the report says if they had agree the other G7 members would have agreed and it would have been an agreed statement and committment from the conference. According to the Globe and Mail Europe-U.S. rift develops after a tense, Trump-filled G7 summit the Italians in particular fear that large scale migration and displacement will lead to social problems also in Italy and other parts of Europe.

Other points discussed or that were planned to be discussed at the conference included the matter of security from the threats of North Korea for Japan, the matter of the threat of Russia to Europe and the continuance of the EU with the US pledging to continue with sanctions against Russia and the G7 nations pledging to take actions to limit North Korea. Efforts by Canada's Prime Minister to promote more gender equality and inclusiveness were resisted especially by the US. Also US President Trump was quite pleased with the results of the conference but European leaders especially were quite dismayed and some of them like German leader Angela Merkel pledged to defend and promote their liberal globalist values themselves without help from the US or because of Brexit to some extent from Britain.

From a Bible prophecy perspective on this G7 conference there was certainly some effort to continue to promote a liberal globalist agenda especially by Canada and the Europeans and to some extent by most of the other leaders but they were to some extent resisted and limited by US President Donald Trump and other US government representatives. Some of these liberal globalist issues including combatting climate change, encouraging migration, promoting free trade and encouraging inclusiveness (usually of claimed sexual variations or multi-culturalism at the expense of Bible believing Christians (and Jews)). There was more agreement on combatting especially Islamic terrorism. Although the US with US President Donald Trump are temporarily resisting this western liberal and to some extent world wide including with many young people efforts towards liberal globalism it seems likely that Mr. Trump will not be reelected as US President after his 4 year term is over if he lasts that long. Then unless the US elects a more responsible social conservative Republican as new US President as I would have preferred from many of the other Republican Presidential candidates from the last (2016) election, and there were many qualified ones, the world will probably resume going full speed towards a liberal globalist one world economy, religion and government and view of science such as supporting macroevolution and global climate change as overwhelmingly man-induced as fact.

All this support for a liberal global agenda is likely preparing the world for a one world leader the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea and Man of Sin that will promise and go some way to deliver world peace and prosperity without any recognition or respect for the Creator and Saviour true and living God mentioned in the Bible and personally revealed through His Son Jesus Christ. The Antichrist will be revealed at the beginning of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel and time of God's wrath on this world but will after offering himself as peacemaker show his true colours in the second half of the tribulation by forcing all people left on the world to worship him alone with the dragon or Satan the devil and the false prophet as the only true God or else they will kill people left on earth then. Since there are indications, including by this conference, that things are going quickly in this direction I would encourage the reader to as soon as possible to if you haven't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour so you can have a restored relationship with God through Jesus and His death on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to give us new and eternal life, have forgiveness of all your sins in God's sight through Jesus' death for our sins, have an eternal blessed home in heaven, be part of God's eternal family and spiritual people of this Church Age the Church or called out from the world system people but also escape in the rapture to catching up to heaven of the true Church and not be left behind on earth for the 7 year tribulation and 70th week of Daniel for the tyranny of the antichrist and God's judgment and possibly God's judgment at Jesus' second coming at the end of the tribulation to judge the world system and set up God's kingdom on earth and then eternity in the lake of fire for not receiving Jesus as one's personal Lord and Saviour.


May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First Face to Face Meeting With EU Leaders in Brussels, Belgium

The meeting of US President Donald Trump with some European Union (EU) leaders was in the European Council headquarters in Brussels in his recent foreign policy trip according to an article EU to Trump: Defend Western values, not your interests by EU Observer on May 25th, 2017. Meeting with the US President were US president Donald Tusk and EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker. Also present at part of the meeting were European Parliament president Antonio Tajani and EU Foreign Policy leader Federica Mogherini. One thing the EU President Donald Tusk emphasized after the meeting with the US President was the importance of the shared values of the EU and the US. Concerning this he said: "What gives our cooperation and friendship its deepest meaning are fundamental Western values, like freedom, human rights and respect for human dignity. Mr Tusk expanded on that by further saying: "The greatest task today is the consolidation of the whole free world around those values, and not just interests". Tusk may have said these things because of concern that Trump and the Republican Congress and their backers such as social conservatives or which I am one don't accept that some social liberal values like rights of so-called LGBT people or Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transexual people or multi-cultural rights are legitimate rights especially as increasingly promoted at the expense of traditional Biblical Christian or Judaeo Christian rights like Christian moral values and the traditional family and putting Christian values above that or other religions in the west. Tusk may also have been concerned that the so-called right of the earth to be protected is not viewed as strongly but President Trump and his supporters when it is at the expense of the right to own private property and carry out a business especially when some of the environmental message supported by social liberals including by the European Union is mixed with New Age pagan spirituality and some not fully proven science such as the great claims including by the EU of the extent and effects of man induced global warming by human emissions of carbon dioxide or methane or other greenhouse gases and on the theory of macroevolution or evolution across or beyond kinds or genetic boundaries. Even creationists agree with microevolution or evolution within kinds or genetic boundaries such as breeding sheep, cats, dogs and specific types of plants such as pine trees, roses or oranges that still continue to be sheep, cats, dogs, pine trees, roses or oranges although possibly a different variety of them.

This meeting was the initial meeting of US President Donald Trump with the EU leaders since the 2016 US election. Despite some critical words in the press or by tweets towards the EU by US President Donald Trump since and during the last election and some by the EU leaders towards him in response EU sources said after the meeting that it had a "friendly and constructive atmosphere". However there wasn't any apparent coming together to EU positions of US President Trump's voiced sympathies for anti-EU political parties such as the Conservatives in Britain and their promoted leaving the EU with the Brexit policy, the National Front in France under leader Marine LePen or similiar groups in Germany, the Netherlands with leader Geert Wilders, or in Spain or Eastern Europe. Mr. Trump also didn't come closer to the EU position about Russia with their concern that Russia is trying to weaken the European Union including by meddling in national elections of EU countries through the internet and supporting anti-EU parties or leaders. The main topics discussed by US President Trump and the EU leaders were foreign policy, security, climate change, trade and Brexit. Mr. Tusk said after the meeting he wasn't convinced that he and the EU shared a "common opinion" with the US and US President Trump about Russia but that the EU and US position on Ukraine and perceived Russian interference and invasion there that "it seems that we were on the same line". Both sides agreed to take stronger action against the Islamic terrorist group Islamic State in their meeting just a couple days after the Manchester UK bombing by a supporter of IS in another foreign policy statement from their meeting.

Two issues that were discussed at the meeting by US President Donald Trump and the EU leaders where they didn't make much progress were climate change and trade. The EU leaders wanted to get a confirmation from the US President of contined American involvement in the Paris agreement to restrict CO2 emissions and the effects (to which extent are debated) in contibuting to global warming. US representatives did not agree on a confirmation of continuing American involvement in the Paris accord at the meeting with EU leaders and has since pulled out causing a global outcry from people who think increased human CO2 emissions is a main cause of what global warming occurs. There also was an effort especially by the Europeans to resume closer trade between the EU and US including at this meeting. There was some pessimism and thinking that they had to regain the intiative in this area after the failure of the recent efforts towards a US EU free trade deal called the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and the increased protectionism against global trade by the US President Donald Trump and his supporters who are concerned about the loss of American jobs, the increase of wealth in the hands of the rich and the loss of traditional American values in a global economy. There was not a breakthrough agreement on trade at the meeting but President Trump and the EU leaders did agree to work on difficult or disputed trade matters and seek what could be done to advance mutual closer trade between the two powers. Since then the US made a statement on May 31 that it would consider restoring talks on the TTIP agreement with the EU in a statement by the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

From a Bible prophecy perspective the meeting with the US and the EU is certainly relevant to Bible prophecy since we who take a literal view of the Bible and Bible prophecy including the belief that we are in the last days of the current Church Age just before the rapture or catching to heaven of the true Church followed by the revelation of the Antichrist on earth to be the world ruler in the tribulation believe the EU will have an important role in last days Bible prophecy. We believe the EU can be considered what the Bible especially in the Books of Daniel and Revelation depicts as the revived Roman Empire and that the leader of the world or the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea, little horn or man of sin etc. will come out of the revived Roman empire or the EU. That the EU leaders at the meeting tried to protect western human rights or convince US president Donald Trump of them more and to adopt their position on climate change shows from a Bible prophecy perspective that the EU including its leadership are still seeking to champion some of these values that could be used to unite the world in a humanistic way at the expense of Christian values and the true Creator God including His Son Jesus Christ that Christians and a literal perspective of the Bible make clear need to be central for a time of peace and prosperity including upholding human rights God values and restoring damage to the environment when Jesus comes at His Second Coming to rule the world with His people the true Church, restored Israel and the restored to God of the nations. I and some other biblical Christians believe that if there is some weakness or division in the EU at the beginning of the tribulation the Antichrist could also gain popularity by healing these divisions and making Europe more powerful through stronger leadership but at the expense of a stronger anti-christian presence and propaganda in that part of the world in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. The many things discussed at the EU meeting with US President Donald Trump have a bearing on and could indicate that especially Europe and many people in the rest of the world including in the US that are firmly against some of the policies of Mr. Trump against a liberal and often anti-Christian or anti-biblical globalist order.

I would urge the reader to consider that the time is very short in the current order and for you to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give us new life if you haven't already done so. This is so you can be part of the true Church and restored heavenly people of God, have a restored personal relationship with our Creator God, have all your sins forgiven by Him through Jesus, have an assured blessed home in heaven and also be assured you will be taked to heaven to with Jesus at the rapture of the Church very soon and won't be left behind on earth to face the worldwide tyranny of the antichrist Satan's man and incarnation and so you won't have to risk eternity in your sins or without God's grace through Jesus in the lake of fire which we all deserve.

May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First Face to Face Meeting With NATO Leaders in Brussels, Belgium

After the earlier stops in President Trump's first foreign policy trip, he and some of his team including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson moved from the Vatican in Rome Italy to Brussels for the NATO meeting. Mutual committment to defence of fellow members of NATO and what actions NATO can be involved in against the Muslim terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) were thought beforehand to be main issues that would be discussed by Trump and other leaders at this NATO meeting. At the meeting President Trump emphasized his and some other American objection to the many NATO members that don't pay their "fair share" of the unofficial guideline of support by member countries to NATO of 2 % of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) a main measure of the economic activity of a nation. NATO leader Mr. Stoltenberg said concerning the NATO member nations' contributions that more transparent statements of each nations contributions to NATO would need to be submitted each year from now on. According to the BBC article Donald Trump tells Nato allies to pay up at Brussels talks, the only NATO members currently paying at least this level of spending of 2 % of GDP are the US, the UK, Greece, Poland and Estonia. Mr. Trump complained that many people or government representatives in the US are tired of the US paying more than their share of support for NATO because most other nations have historically been contibuting below the 2 % GDP level to NATO.

Many other members of NATO were hoping that President Trump would give a solid statement of American committment to NATO. This concern about continuing American support for NATO was due to excessively close or perceived excessively close relations of America under Mr. Trump since coming to power in the last 2016 election campaign. Some of these alleged Russian ties President Trump and some of his top government officials are still under investigation for. According to an article Trump lukewarm on NATO joint defence on the web site EU Observer President Trump said: "We will never forsake the friends who stood by our side" in association with the previous joint NATO support for the US since the 9/11 bombing of the New York City twin World Trade Centre towers. Most other NATO leaders including those present considered the above words of President Trump as less assuring than the more clear-cut committment to Article 5 of the NATO Constitution which obligates all members to support any fellow NATO member that is attacked by an outside nation or entity (such as a terrorist organization). Some of the concern about continuing American committment to NATO and its joint defence policy were due to Mr. Trump previously calling NATO obsolete and his statement that the US might not continue committment to defence of other NATO members that don't maintain their 2 % committment to NATO. At the NATO member the former Yugoslavian nation of Montenegro formerly joined NATO. Jens Stoltenbert the leader of NATO gladly welcomed Montenegro by saying: "This is important for Montenegro. It's important for the Western Balkans and it's important for the whole of NATO. It also shows that NATO's door is open". According to the article Nato to join Trump's anti-IS coalition Montenegro obtained incentive to join NATO after a failed coup there last year intended to stop the process of Montenegro to join NATO which coup was believed to be conducted by Russia. However President Trump might have given a subtle indication of disrespect for Montenegro when Mr. Trump brushed the Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside when the NATO leaders came to the front for pictures.

A discussion about how NATO could be more involved in the struggle against the extreme Muslim terrorist group ISIS or Islamic State also took place at the NATO meeting. NATO leader Mr. Stoltenberg stated that NATO did agree to involve NATO with the coalition against Islamic State saying: "We will agree on Nato's membership in the (anti-IS) coalition. This will send a strong political message of Nato's committment to the fight against terrorism and improve coordination within the coalition". Mr. Stoltenberg also stated that NATO could not involve itself in a combat role against Isis. The new French President Mr. Macron made a similiar statement at the summit when he said that France under him wouldn't support NATO having a strike role against Islamic State. Rex Tillerson the US Secretary of State said on the way to the NATO meeting that the US sought NATO to join the 68 nation coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. He said that "would be a really important step for them (NATO) to take". The NATO leader Mr. Stoltenberg said on Wednesday before the NATO meeting supported moving NATO to join the coalition against ISIS in saying: "Many allies would like to see Nato as a full member of the coaltion". Mr. Stoltenberg elaborated: "It (Nato further joining the anti-IS coalition) sends a strong and clear message of unity in the fight against terrorism and especially in light of the terrorist attacks in Manchester". However Mr. Stoltenberg and others made clear they didn't want NATO involved in coalition combat action against Isis but more in other ways such as in an increased intelligence gathering role.

NATO leader Mr. Stolenberg said about Russia that he agreed with EU and US sanctions against Russia in particular saying: "I support the sanctions. I think the sanctions are extemely important as a reaction to the illegal annexation of Crimea (by Russia from Ukraine) and the lack of implementation of the Minsk agreements". According to the EU Observer article Nato to join Trump's anti-IS coaltion: "The Minsk agreement is a ceasefire pact signed in the Belarussian capital which said that foreign forces, meaning Russian forces, had to leave east Ukraine, among other provisions. US President Trump's efforts to closer relations to Russia have caused concern especially in Europe that there could be a change in the opposite direction in American policy in the Ukraine Russia dispute away from Ukraine to more greatly favour Russia. In relation to these NATO and EU concerns about improving US Russia ties President Trump said: "The Nato of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as on threats from Russia and on Nato's eastern and southern borders".

Trump spoke at more length about the migrant crisis in southern and eastern Europe of the extensive number of migrants coming into or seeking to coming into Europe from North Africa across the Mediterranean or into Greece especially through Turkey from Iraq, Syria and other parts of Asia. According to an article with the title Will Nato become a transatlantic Frontex? in EU Observer one matter talked about at the NATO summit was the not formally processed migrants coming into Europe and United States from Latin America. This was mentioned by President Trump in addition to the main issues of NATO's mutual defence and measures against Islamic terrorism like from ISIS. According to this EU Observer article Mr. Trump mentioned that "the Nato of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration". Trump apparently said the above after expanding on his concern of the risk of thousands of people "pouring into" Nato nations without proper identification process. The EU Observer article mentions Trump's above statement should be interpreted in light of the strong backlash against illegal immigrants from or through Mexico to the US and should be interpreted in that light and of US concerns of illegal immigrants or migrants coming into Europe. Apparently this would not be a precedent in Nato being requested to manage operations of migrants coming into Europe. One previous example was the operation of Nato ships put into operation in the Aegean Sea in February 2016 to monitor migrant movements into Europe due to a request from Germany, Greece and Turkey. However that operation was on a limited scale and only an effort to assist the larger Frontex operation. (Frontex is the EU border control agency). The 2016 Nato operation was also to assist the Greek and Turkish Coast Guards. In that operation NATO and some of its ships carried out "reconnaisance, monitoring, and surveillance" of migrant routes.

President Trump's comments at the recent Nato meeting sought a much more extensive role for Nato in not only monitoring but confronting in an effort to reduce illegal migration into Europe. Trump clearly associated illegal migration with terrorism and in this way portrayed the illegal migration into Europe as a security threat to Europe and many Nato nations. According to this article many European Nato members might agree in a more low profile way for more effort including by Nato to confront the problem of illegal migrants coming into Europe. However they have a concern that the US could have a larger say in how such a Nato operation would be carried out due to the US objection to lack of contributions to Nato including from many European counties and Mr. Trump's association of the unmonitored flow of migrants into Europe with an increased threat of Islamic terrorism in Europe and many Nato nations. The article states that a main concern of the US was of some of these migrants being Islamic terrorists pretending to be innocent migrants and coming into Europe with the intention of committing terrorist actions there. There have already been a number of Islamic terrorist actions in Europe by some of these terrorists that posed as migrants in Germany and probably some other European nations such as France. Although Mr. Trump and his government are more explicit about this concern and association also according to this article these things concerning the illegal migrants into Europe were already a concern in the government of former US President Barack Obama. A concern of the write of the EU Observer article and some Nato partners and human rights advocates is that the transfer of some of the work currently done by the EU to a more military organization like Nato, especially if a more confrontational approach is adopted by Nato, would be against some aspects of the 1951 I think UN Refugee Convention. This Convention prohibits the forced expulsion or return of a refugee to a nation or jurisdiction where their life or freedom could be jeopardized.

From a Bible prophecy perspective I think the main points about this Nato meeting are that Nato as a collective defence organization was salvaged even though it didn't get continued full support from US President Trump. This could mean that Nato could still be used by the soon coming Anti-Christ or Beast out of the Sea who will rule the world in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel from Europe to use Nato as one of the institutions combining defence of Europe and North America under his leadership. This Nato meeting proceedings in a Bible prophecy perspective could also be used by the Antichrist to give a stronger mandate to fight against Islamic terrorism that could be referred to as the king of the south in Daniel 11 if the antichrist doesn't cooperate with Muslims including Islamic fundamentalists in the tribulation. (However I don't believe that the Antichrist will come from the Middle East or be Muslim himself but come from Europe and be at least a nominal Christian or portray especially western values at least at first such as support for multicultalism, a humanistic world peace and a solution to international environmental problems.) These Nato meetings from a Bible prophecy perspective could also be used by the Antichrist in making Europe into his power base of a revived Roman Empire over which he would be emperor and that would extend to the rest of the world as well especially in the second half of the tribulation. This Nato meeting focus on security from a Bible prophecy perspective could also be used by the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea with his associate the False Prophet or Beast out of the Land to prepare more oppresive rule in Europe and the rest of the world especially of people that won't acknowledge him as God or world leader or who insist on following first the true God including His Son or God the Son Jesus Christ as the true God and who become Christians in the tribulation after the rapture of the Church. Due to this strong possibility and many other indications in world and local affairs I would encourage the reader if you haven't already done so to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead to give us new life so you can have a restored relationship with God, forgiveness of all your sins, a home in heaven as well as be assured you will be part of the true Church and this phase of the Kingdom of God and be taken to heaven at the rapture of the Church and not left behind on earth to endure the tribulation and the worldwide tyranny of the Antichrist and God's judgements on this world because of the sins of the people here.

May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First European Stop in the Vatican in Rome, Italy with Pope Francis

Before President Donald Trump met Pope Francis they were on opposing and strained terms on a number of issues due to their opposing statements through the media. For instance President Trump and Pope Francis are quite outspoken and have opposing positions on migrants, Trumps plan for a border wall with Mexico at the US border and climate change. According to Israel National News Donald Trump in the election campaign promoted his strong position against Islamic terrorism and that the Vatican wasn't very strong against it by saying concerning a possible Isis attack against the Vatican that "if and when" it happens "the pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president." Before the visit US National Security Advisor HR McMaster said: "No president has ever visited the homelands and holy sites of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths all on one trip." Mr. McMaster referred to Trump's trip as a "truly historic" visit. President Trump visited Pope Francis at the Vatican after visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel (and the Palestinian territoris). Mr. McMaster was present with President Trump in his meeting with Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican. According to Israel National News President Trump and Pope Francis are thought to talk about efforts to encourage world peace, uphold religious freedom and their each having a mandate to fight abortion. Pope Francis has opposed attempts to build walls to block foreigners from entering which the Pope condemened as "not Christian". President Trump responded to that comment of the Pope as "disgraceful". There is also a clash between the positions of Pope Francis and President Trump regarding man-induced climate change with Pope Francis as an outspoken supporter of action against claimed climate change and President Donald Trump threatening to withdraw America from the international Paris climate change accord. Since the meeting President Trump has followed through with withdrawing the United States from the Paris accord resulting in widespread criticism from the world including Pope Francis. In the original planning of President Trump's first policy trip his meeting with Pope Francis was not on the schedule. However the Vatican was able to include Trump and his company in an early morning time slot at the last minute.

In the actual meeting of President Donald Trump and Pope Francis according to the Roman Catholic web site in an article with the title Pope Francis Receives US President Donald J. Trump there was a summary from their perspective of the meeting. The article mentioned the meeting and discussion between the two leaders lasted 30 minutes. This article said both leaders mentioned contentment with the current state of relations the Vatican (Holy See) and the United States and the contribution to their good relation with their shared value and promotion the value of life and freedom of worship and conscience. This article added that Pope Frances expressed his hope on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church that there be co-operation in the United States with the Roman Catholic Church there to encourage also Roman Catholic involvement to serve people in the health, education and immigrant assistance areas. This article mentioned that some of the other people present at the meeting included President Trump's wife Melania, their daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Assistant to the President for National Security H. R. McMaster. The Zenit article mentioned one focus of the discussions between President Trump and some of his company and Pope Francis was to share and discuss their perspective on different aspects of international affairs and the pushing forward of world peace. This was especially in the context of promoting world peace through "political negotiation and inter-religious diaglogue". It was mentioned in this article there was emphasis on this topic with the Middle East situation and maintaining the safety and defence of Christian communities especially in the Middle East. Most of these contents of the discussons between Pope Francis and President Trump and others in Trumps' delegation are also mentioned in a BBC article Trump holds first face-to-face talks with Pope Francis. One thing that is particularly interesting about the topics focused on in these discussions from a bible prophecy perspective. This is the emphasis on world peace through political and inter-religious dialogue. Although these things aren't bad in themselves from a biblical view, in the Bible including the New Testament the true Church or people of God in this age or true Christians are as said by the Lord Jesus Christ not supposed to be of this world (system) even as He was not of this world as He stated in the Gospel of John. However the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church are in these type of discussions being very much of this world or even at the forefront of this world (system). As a biblical Christian although I do not believe the Pope in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel will be the antichrist and man of sin and beast out of the sea or the beast out of the land and false prophet I do believe he will be the leader of the ecumenical and inter-faith one world religion in the tribulation that will co-operate with the antichrist and will be opposed to biblical and true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation and justification. I believe that the Roman Catholic Church in the tribulation will lead the mystery babylon false church of Revelation 17 that will ride and be associated with the beast or antichrist. I also think this pursuit of inter-religious dialogue and world peace including in the Middle East also by this pope is leading in that direction and since I believe the tribulation is very soon and the preceding rapture of the true Church that this pope could be the leader of the mystery babylon church in the tribulation. I would encourage the reader if you haven't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone and His finished work of salvation or justification in God's sight of anyone who trusts alone in Him and His work of salvation in His death on the cross to pay for and enable forgiveness of all our sins and His resurrection from the dead to give us His and God the Father's eternal life and for us a restored relation with God. I encourage you to do all this as soon as possible so that in addition to eternal life and a restored relationship with God you can be part of God's true Church through faith in His Son Jesus Christ and be taken to heaven with Jesus at the rapture of the Church before the 7 year tribulation, time of God's wrath and 70th week of Daniel.

Observers or reporters present at the Vatican said President Trump was quite solemn at the beginning of the meeting with Pope Francis and that the Pope was not as light hearted or easy going as he fairly often is with other world leaders. The BBC noted that they both were not as stressful at the end of the meeting. According to the BBC the two leaders exchanged gifts at the end of the meeting. Mr. Trump gave a collection of writings of Martin Luther King in a box. The Pope bestowed to President Trump a speech the Pope gave on World Peace Day signed by the Pope himself and a sample of the Pope's articles on the environment. Pope Francis also gave Mr. Trump a miniature sculpture of an olive tree. When the Pope handed it to President Trump the Pope suggested to President Trump "It is my desire that you become an olive tree to construct peace". President Trump replied: "We can use some peace". Mr. Trump also said he would read the articles the Pope gave him. Some time after the meeting was over President Trump tweeted: "Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world". From a Bible prophecy perspective it is generally a good thing to pursue peace between different people and groups of people in the world. However the main type of peace that seems to be mentioned by the world authorities, media and popular culture is a humanistic one only involving people or if religions are mentioned in world peace they talk about is that there is only one God in all religions and any way one takes leads to him. Unfortunatelty neither of these points are true as not all ideas of God are the same even whether God is imagined as a personal or impersonal God and the God of the Bible is not the same as Allah of Islam as the Bible teaches the true God has a balance of love, grace and mercy with truth and righteousness and of redemption or salvation by first the innocent animal substitutes and ultimately by the righteous substitute of God's Son Jesus Christ on the cross. This also shows not all ways to God are the same. So the world peace the people of the world are seeking will be answered more by the coming world false Christ or Messiah the anti-Christ or Beast out of the sea and the devil's substitute for God's Messiah or Annointed One Jesus of Nazareth. The Antichrist will oblige the world to provide world peace that involves peace with people of different backgrounds but doesn't provide peace of people with our Creator and possible Saviour God in His Son Jesus Christ that is the world peace God through Jesus will provide at His Second Coming.

May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With Key Stop in Israel (and the Palestinian Territories)

After finishing the part of his trip in Saudi Arabia, home of Mohammed and the beginning of major world religion of Islam, US President Donald Trump visited Israel the home of the Jewish or Israelite people and the Palestinian territories the residence of some of the Arab people. One large expectation of the Jews or Israelites for Trump's trip, especially with Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner being an Orthodox Jew and Trump's Middle East advisor who also led one of Trump's daughters Ivanka to convert to Judaism was that Trump would announce the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Another reason that hopes were high in Israel and many Jews in other parts of the world as well as many evangelical Christians who support Israel and restoration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and to God and His Messiah or Annointed One Jesus of Nazareth in the last days was that this year including one of the days during Trump's trip to Israel was exactly on the 50th anniversary of Israel's victory against overwhelming odds against more heavily armed and much more numerous Arab armies of surrounding Arab countries in the Six Day War in 1967.

50 Years is sometimes a period considered a generation in the Bible since it is the time that debts are supposed to be forgiven and there is supposed to be a particular time of joy in the LORD God for giving a new start and a particular time of rest and reflection of God's goodness. This is sometimes related to the passage in Matthew 24:32-35 of God through His Son Jesus Christ fulfilling all the events at the end of the times of the Gentiles (nations) when God will judge the world ending with Jesus' literal coming from heaven to set up God's Kingdom on earth centred in Jerusalem and Israel through restored Israel, the restored of the nations and the true Church. However I personally believe the Matthew fig tree prophecy could better be interpreted that some people including Jewish people alive in 1948 and the year of the reestablishment of Israel as a nation won't all die off or leave this world before the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel and Jesus' second coming at the end of it to set up His Kingdom on earth and judge the world is completed.

There was much pressure leading up to Trump's visit to Israel for him and his government to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Of course there was pressure in opposite directions from different people and groups not just in Israel and the United States but around the world. Those who supported moving the embassy to Jersulem which was Israel's capital in most of the Bible days (both most of the Old Testament times and in the New Testament) were Orthodox or other at least somewhat biblical Jews and evangelical or other Christians who also substantially based on the Bible believe Jerusalem is the only worthy capital of the Jewish or Israelite nation of Israel. There are also some other people around the world who would support this move for different reasons including (correctly) seeing this would strengthen Israel as a defence of democracy and freedom of religion against the current rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism and often Islamic terrorism that would include many social conservatives in the United States and elsewhere as well as of some more liberal people concerned about of lack of human rights under Islam. Those against moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem include most (but not all) Muslims and most (but not all) liberal people and almost all anti-semitic including anti-Israel people. Most of these latter groups would not accept the Bible as accurate history including the Bible's record of Israel as a mostly Jewish nation for about 1500 years continuously from about 1400 BC to 70 AD.

Anyway as it turned out Mr. Trump and his government did not move the American Embassy to Jerusalem on his trip which disappointed many in Israel especially when he campaigned heavily on his promise to do that before the last 2016 American election. This was a major reason many evangelical Christians ended up supporting Trump even though many of them as myself if I was an American would rather have voted for Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorno, Rick Santorum or a number of other social conservative candidates with much more integrity than Trump. Mr. Trump has still given assurance that he is still considering moving the American embassy to Jerusalem in his term in power but his failure to do so with what was probably his best opportunity and his unwillingness to provide an alternate date has many social conservative supporters or patriotic Israelis skeptical he was serious about his campaign promise to move it. I heard there were also some people in the State Department left over from the administration of former president Barack Obama who were anti-Israel and some of them quite influential like, according to Israel National News, a anti-Israel Jewish woman named Yael Lempert that could have discouraged Trump or his administration to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Some of these established State Department people who in some cases are quite anti-Israel could have also influenced Trump to again raise the idea of seeking an Israeli-Palestinian Peace agreement or wider Israeli-Arab peace agreement even though former US Presidents have made substantial foreign policy efforts towards these achievements without success.

However I believe we are very close to a breakthrough but false, temporary and humanistic peace between Israel and her Arab neighbours that will allow Israel to build their third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and also provide some benefit to the Arabs such as possibly authority over more of the West Bank based on the prophecy in Daniel 9:27 of such a false peace by the Antichrist with Israel that will start the tribulation. In Daniel 11 the scripture also says the Antichrist will divide the land of Israel for gain which could involve forcing Israel to give up part of the West Bank to the Arabs or other nations in the tribulation. In Trump's visit to Israel Trump did at least on one occasion bring up the objection against Israeli Settlements in the West Bank. One thing however that Trump did do and he said he did it purposefully and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson publicly stated agreement was that Mr. Trump prayed reverently at the Western Wall and said it belongs to Israel. This was as opposed to saying it and the Temple Mount belong to the Palestinians or Arabs according to the modern international community led by the United Nations which unfortunately often show their bias of being anti-Israel by the many and severe such motions in their meetings. Trump did join some of the celebrations while in Israel of Israel winning the Six Day War in 1967, 50 years ago more exactly on the Jewish calendar, in which Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem including the Western Wall and Temple Mount in a pre-emptive war that avoided the Arabs driving Israel into the Mediterranean Sea or seeking to annihilate them or cause further steps towards genocide against them as they were armed and publicly stating and preparing to do before Israel struck them by surprise first and got a great victory by the help of the true and living God who promised to restore and never totally in time put out of their promised land of Israel from Him the Jewish or Israelite people. This includes in what time is left before Jesus of Narareth the Redeemer and Messiah of Israel and the Saviour of the people of the world and the Christ or Annointed One of God comes to Earth from Heaven to among other things reign in Jerusalem through restored Israel. There was however some statements from President Trump and his government including Mr. Tillerson and Congress that the Jews now have the right to all of Jerusalem including so-called East Jerusalem that is not just half of Jerusalem but that includes all the most important and historic Old City of Jerusalem including the Western Wall and Temple Mount.

There were objections and criticisms to even this limited celebration with Israel and supporting their claim to all of including the central Old City and Western Wall and TEmple Mount in Jerusalem by Mahmound Abbas the leader of the Palestinian Authority who Trump met with, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Jordanian leader King Abdullah to whom Israel gave some rights to the Temple Mount in their peace agreement in 1994 with Jordan. (Jordan had authority under the UN over the so-called West Bank and East Jerusalem between 1948 when Israel was re-established and 1967 when Israel seized those territories in the Six Day War. Before 1967 these territories were not part of a Palestinian State which concept as an Arab state only really began in 1967 through Yasser Arafat and the beginning of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) (now called the Palestinian Authority (PA)). President Trump met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem which is one of the cities in the West Bank or Judaea and Samaria that has already been given to the Palestinian Authority to govern. While there President Trump gave some assurances to Mr. Abbas that he would seek to restart Israeli Palestinian or Israeli Arab peace talks within a year. However I heard that Mr. Trump also sternly rebuked Mr. Abbas to his face that Mr. Abbas wasn't keeping his word he apparently promised Trump during his visit in Washington that Mr. Abbas and his government would stop or at least significantly reduce their incitement or provocative and strifeful talk against Israel that has resulted in Palestinian Arab violence in the past and has hardened the attitudes of many Palestinian Arabs towards the prospect of peace with a Jewish Israeli state.

I personally also do not believe Mr. Trump will be the main person to succeed in achieving an Israeli Palestinian or Israeli Arab peace because I believe based on the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 and the description of the antichrist (the beast) in Revelation 17 that the Antichrist will come from the revived Roman Empire and be of European (probably more southern European) descent and Mr. Trump is American not European. However I would still encourage you the reader to as soon as possible, if you haven't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who don't on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life and a relationship with the true and living God (God the Father Jehovah or Yahweh or the LORD) and to be with us spiritually for the rest of this life and forever and to bring us home to heaven at the rapture of the Church to be physically with Him. In trusting in Jesus now or as soon as possible you can also be assured that Jesus will take you with all His true Church by His grace to heaven at the rapture and that you won't be left behind on earth to endure the tribulation and God's wrath then including the tyranny of the Satanic world dictator the Antichrist, beast out of the sea, man of sin, he who makes desolate, the little horn, the idol shepherd etc. or of eternity after that in the lake of fire which we as humans all deserve for our sins but can be spared of through trusting in Jesus for forgiveness through His divine shed blood for us on His cross.

May 2017 First Policy Trip of New US President Donald Trump With First Stop in Saudi Arabia

At the beginning of his first foreign policy trip, which was in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, US President Donald Trump was given a welcome of honour by the Saudi leader King Salmon and others. This was partly because the Saudis and other Arabs felt bypassed by former US President Donald Trump in favour of the Shiite Iran. Iran is the rival and adversary of many of the mostly Sunni Muslim Arab countries. One of the features of President Trump's visit was a deal to sell over $100 billion dollars worth of US arms to Saudi Arabia. They are supposed to be used mostly to defend Saudi Arabia from Iran including its subordinates or proxies such as the Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen with which Saudi Arabia has an ongoing war. According to Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman this US-Saudi defence deal includes tanks, warships, anti-missile systems, radar systems, cyber technology that the US will sell to Saudi Arabia and about 150 US Black Hawk helicopters that will be for Saudi Arabia but that will be made in Saudi Arabia rather than the US. Mr. Liberman was concerned that some of those weapons could be used against Israel either directly or through terrorist groups like Isis for which there is some evidence that Saudi Arabia has been supporting. Also at the meeting both President Trump and the Saudi official media promised to do more to boycott the Islamic terrorist groups Hezbollah. President Trump also addressed a summit of Arab Muslim leaders while in Saudi Arabia where he urged them to make efforts to drive out Islamic extremists. The name of this summit with US President Donald Trump and American representatives and important Arab leaders was called the Arab Islamic American Summit. At that summit Trump spoke about his "hopes of a peaceful vision of Islam". White house aides said that President Trump hopes his address to the group will have a good reception around the world and convey "a common vision of peace, progress and prosperity." President Trump also sought to make an alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries against Iran at the visit to Saudi Arabia and sought Saudi participation at a wider Middle EAst peace deal involving Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was present at the summit. President Trump was gladly included by an elite Saudi military unit in a symbolic sword dance near the end of his Saudi visit.

November 2016 United States Presidential Election Results in Win by Donald Trump as Possible Assault Possibly Allowed by God on Political Correctness and the Globalists and Liberal Media in the United States

It is no secret that evangelical or biblical Christians have long had trouble personally and generally with secular humanism or the new age movement and those who hold it trying to chip away at the real Christian heritage in the United States, Canada and other western countries. One general name for this type of liberalism in politics is political correctness. This would include multiculturalism, support for criminals more than victims of crime, globalism including anti-westernism and continued efforts to ship manufacturing and other well-paying jobs from North America to Asia, Mexico and other places with lower wages, labour or environmental standards for greater profits for North American corporations and their shareholders and bankers, environmentalism including excessive emphasis on the claimed extent of man-made global warming through emission of carbon dioxide other greenhouse gases, homosexual, legalizing Marijuana and other drugs, blurring the line between humans and animals as in the New Age movement, lesbian and transexual rights including those that are forced on churches such as marriages in churches, use of psychologists for counsellors in public schools or other emergencies rather than biblical pastors, pushing of macroevolution instead of creation as a model for origins, abortion and euthanasia or other ways that infringe on the Christian view of sanctity of life and that only God has the right to take life that starts at conception, pluralism that teaches that all religions are the same and one can take any way to God or believe in no God instead of the Christian view that the God of the Bible is the only true God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to be restored to Him, that the state should be allowed a larger role in the citizens including the family including education, health or morals rather than significant Christian emphasis also on the church and parents in a family, the large role of the mass media and their generally promoting these other liberal values in an out of proportion way, emphasis on immigration or allowing illegal immigration from mostly non-Christian and non-white countries, excessive feminism including in traditionally male areas such as construction, women pastors or other Christian leaders and the army (even though both sexes in the army can and probably does cause a lot of distraction for the male soldiers and probably limits the effectiveness of the army as a fighting force).

It is against all these and other non-biblical values of liberalism, globalism and political correctness and their increasingly being pushed by many of the liberal politicans, courts, media, Hollywood celebreties, public schools, colleges and universities and extra-govermental organizations like the United Nations that gave rise to someone like Donald Trump and continued to give support to him from evangelical Christians, social conservatives or other even non-religious people who have been the victims of this political correctness such as through losing jobs or being marginalized by pressure to give more rights to visible minorities in North America at the expense of caucasians through quotas etc. It is certainly not right including from God's word the holy Bible to be racist or chauvanist against women or particularly hostile to people of other religions or nations but what has been pushed relently at least since the 1960s in North America is a totally one-sided view to give up the Judaeo-Christian culture formerly in North America in favour of these liberal and politically correct values that in the extent they continue to be promoted are certainly not right according to God's word the Holy Bible and in some cases is quite evident even to many non-Christians such as criminals rights more than victim's rights in cases of crimes. The mass media's excessive emphasis on Donald Trump above the 16 other Republican presidential contenders, according to the BBC in the UK about 11 times as much air time on the three major US television networks ABC, CBS and NBC at least up to the time of the Republican convention I think in July, had a significant effect in Donald Trump being to edge out most of the other Republican presidential contenders. This was even though I and most evangelical Christians or social conservatives and some other people would have much preferred many of the other Republican contenders than Donald Trump.

Although we also agree that it is not a good thing to have excessive immigration or illegal immigration from Mexico or Muslim countries to North America or to have globalism including contracting out and global trade deals to cause the loss of North American manufacturing or other good jobs we wouldn't have said things or believed things in such an obnoxious and excessive way he did. However the media perhaps taking Donald Trump and his supporters as a joke that they could try to use to paint with the same and dark brush anyone that was or is against political correctness including the liberal media and the general media preference for covering sensational or style more than substance encouraged them to continued to focus on the general obnoxious statements of Donald Trump instead of policies of him or other Republican Contenders or of main Democrat contenders such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Because this oiling the momentum of Donald Trump led to him derailing all the other Republican contenders, evangelical Christians and social conservatives were mostly eventually forced to support him because we agree with the excesses of political correctness and the media had helped derail other more evanglical candidates such ad Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee or other social conservative candidates of the Republicans which would probably have been most of them but would include Ms. Fiorna, Lindsey Williams, Rick Santorum, Marco Rubio and others any of which most evangelical Christians and social conservatives would much prefer for our president or presidential nominee than Mr. Trump.

Most evangelical Christians and social conservatives in this election might have considered voting for a more moderate Democrat candidate for US president in alternate to Trump but neither Mr. Sanders is very left wing and socialist or Ms. Clinton that is very globalist and politically correct would be considerated moderate. According to what I heard on some of the media that I watched the coverage live on such as the Canadian CBC television or looked at articles about afterward such as the British BBC there seemed to be a definite schism and two cultures including some areas such as New York City, Washington DC and much of California or the US west coast and some other parts of the US East coast that are fully schooled in and approve and want to promote liberalism and political correctness while there are other parts of the US or Canada and other countries in the rural areas and small towns in particular and generally in the US interior that are more conservative or even evangelical Christian and that don't relate to or accept liberalism and political correctness and have been subject to ongoing inundation from liberalism through the media and public schools for decades and still have a lot of resentment about it that contributes to the polarization and culture wars and difficulty in relating to one another that we see in America today or Canada and some other countries and that motivated social conservatives to get behind Donald Trump as the agent to try to curb and turn back some of this political correctness.

This is basically what happened in United States and this could be meant as a wake up call from the true God for people in United States and other countries to turn to Him soon for salvation or discipling through His Son Jesus Christ according to His word the Holy Bible from a literal perspective or risk being left behind for His judgment of not just North America but the whole world in the tribulation and second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of the tribulation. God continues to offer His salvation through His Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross just outside Jerusalem in Israel about 2000 years ago and then on the third day rose again that otherwise universally sinful human being can by God's love and grace receive God's perfect righteousness as a free gift through His Son Jesus Christ and out placing our faith in Him as our personal Lord and Saviour so we can also come into a restored relationship with God that we had broken by our own sins but also our sinful nature we have when we come into this world inherited from our first parents Adam and Even who sinned and disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden in taking of the forbidden fruit. I would encourage you the reader to, if you haven't already done so, to therefore trust in the Lord Jesus Christ so you can have a relationship with God and become part of His eternal family, have His forgiveness and be used to in this life to serve Him after salvation so you can have eternal crowns and rewards in addition to salavtion and so you can also be taken to heaven at the rapture or catching up to heaven with the rest of the true Church or God's called out people from all nations so you won't have to endure earth's most terrible time include the tyranny on earth of the Antichrist during the about 7 year tribulation and also so you won't have to worry about eternal punishment in hell that we as humans all deserve for our sins and our own righteousness being less than continuous perfect level and being less than God's standards.

Approval of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at UN General Assembly Meeting Likely Preparing for Soon Revelation of the Antichrist World Dictator

In the last weekend of September 2015 a major topic for consideration of the United Nations General Assembly was introduced for consideration. This was the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which themselves are a continuation and extension of the Millennium Development Goals of 2000. Unlike the Millennium Development Goals that were 8 in number the new Agenda 2030 has 17 goals and about 169 sub-goals. They are mostly about different aspects of sustainable development, transfer of wealth to the poor and inclusiveness. The Roman Catholic leader Pope Francis addressed the beginning of the series of weekend meetings about the Agenda 2030 and was quite supportive and received a standing ovation at the end of his talk. These Agenda 2030 goals were all approved by Saturday by all or practically all nations as their leaders were gathered then in New YOrk City anyway for the UN General Assembly. This means that the UN and its agencies and representatives as well as leaders of all countries will now try to apply these goals more extensively and thoroughly in all countries. This sometimes means taking away national sovereignty or even individual rights such as use of land and perhaps other things later on such as being forced to adopt surveillance measures including the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation 13 and later chapters of Revelation especially after the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea is revealed after the rapture of the church when he achieves a Middle EAst peace that will include allowing the Jewish people to build their third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and will probably also provide something in compensation to the Muslims to win their approval or consent. The Antichrist will likely also be a very charismatic individual something like Adoph Hitler or other similiar dictators. One thing that should set off alarm bells to Bible believing Christians or anyone else who has some knowledge and respect for what the Bible says for the last days is that these Agenda 2030 meetings at the UN this weekend didn't include anything significant about putting the Creator God or the Lord Jesus Christ first in world government but it was quite secular and humanistic and any mention of God or Jesus was quite ecumenical or multi-faith on the same level with leaders of other faiths or leading secular leaders. According to God's word the Holy Bible it is this kind of secular or multi-faith system of world government that will prepare the way for the Antichrist the Beast out of the Sea and his associate the Beast out of the Land the False Prophet to take over. The 17 goals of the Agenda 2030 are the following: 1/ End poverty in all its forms everywhere. 2/ End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture 3/ Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages 4/ Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all 5/ Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls 6/ Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all 7/ Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all 8/ Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all 9/ Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation 10/ Reduce inequality within and among countries 11/ Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable 12/ Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns 13/ Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts 14/ Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development 15/ Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss 16/ Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels 17/ Strengthen the means of implementation There could be an elaboration for all these goals but to give one example Goal 17 could include and probably will in the tribulation once the Antichrist is revealed to apply these goals in a liberal or non-biblical way at the expense of people that believe in the true God the God of the Bible and refuse to accept the Antichrist or his rule after the rapture of the Church. Since all this agenda and its goals have been introduced in the UN and now adopted by it and all the member countries I would encourage you to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give us new life and a relationship with God and an eternal home in heaven so you can also be taken to heaven at the rapture of the Church and not left behind when the Antichrist is revealed as the world dictator including likely using the United Nations and this Agenda 2030 starting with his Middle East peace to allow the Jews to build their third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that the Antichrist will take over in the 2nd half of the tribulation to force people to worship him as god or be killed or be on the run. God through the Lord Jesus Christ will come from heaven at the end of the 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel to defeat the Antichrist and all those who haven't trusted in Jesus by then and set up God's kingdom on EArth. Jesus's true Church of those from all nations who trusted in Him before the rapture will come with Him from heaven then to enjoy ruling with Jesus and God the Father over all the earth.

August 2016 (Occurred July 2016) Tomorrowland Occult Electronic Music Concert First Time in Israel as Sign of Coming Antichrist

Tomorrowland from the Boom in Belgium has become probably the largest and perhaps the best known electronic music festival in or based in Europe. It started in 2005 and has grown in attendance numbers ever since and is held annually, recently usually in July. The term tomorrowland might seem familiar to some people and that could be because Disneyland or Disneyworld has had a futuristic (but much more innocent section) called Tomorrowland for quite a few years I think from before 2005 when this festival in Belgium started also using the name for which Disney enterprises hasn't objected to my knowledge. This Belgium Tomorrowland usually combines stories and music in their festivals but they usually both contribute to an occultic portrayal and experience for those present. According to this festival had an attendance of 50,000 in 2008 which grew to 185,000 in 2012. In 2013 a related festival was added in Georgia USA called Tomorrow World and then another branch was added in 2014 in Brazil. In 2015 the festivals in different areas were linked live electronically with large electronic screens into "mirror festivals" and the slogan for the concerts "be part of the Madness" was adopted for the concert. Further branch locations were added in Mexico, India, Japan, Columbia, Germany and South Africa. This year for the first time Israel in Jerusalem at the El Pais arena, the largest in Jerusalem, is added to the world locations. The festival each year centres on a theme but they usually have an occultic theme such as mysteries, the book of wisdom or a key and more lately about a mysterious person to come out of the shadows has been a theme of the concert. This year according to another Messianic Jewish article about these concerts from and the Sword of Yahweh and the Messianic Temple Beth El Newsletter some further information about the Tomorrowland concert in its first year where Israel and Jerusalem are fully included is that the person the concert-goers are encouraged to invoke to come out of the shadows to be revealed openly is "the son of perdition" which in God's word the Holy Bible in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 as a title of the Antichrist called the Beast out of the Sea in Revelation 13 and other parts of Revelation. From a Bible-believing Christian viewpoint, either evangelical Christian or Messianic Jewish, this is an indication that the Antichrist is likely about to be revealed although at first as man of a false and humanistic but ungodly world peace but especially Middle East peace. This peace is mentioned in God's word the Holy Bible especially in Daniel 9:27 as a covenant (treaty or pact (of peace)) with many that is likely Israel and many other surrounding Arab or other Muslim and other world power or other countries of the world. Part of this peace includes the Antichrist allowing Israel to rebuild their Jewish temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and restore the Levitical worship with the physical temple of God and animal sacrifices. About 3 1/2 years later, half way through or in the midst of the 70th week (of 7 years) of Daniel the Antichrist will stop the Jewish worship of the LORD and the animal sacrifices (he will make the sacrifices and oblations (wine or drink offerings poured on the animal sacrifices) and take over this temple for the worship of himself (the antichrist, man of sin or son of perdition and the beast as well as of Satan the antichrist's master and power through the antichrist). It is at the second half of the 70th week of Daniel or of the 7 year tribulation that the Antichrist will fully reveal himself as the son of perdition but the organizers of this Tomorrowland concert and this year's participants who follow their instructions will hasten the coming of the antichrist in this more openly Satanic phase of his revelation on earth. Before the 70th week of Daniel or the 7 year tribulation will be the rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians or Messianic people (except the 144,002 Messianic Jewish witnesses who will stay behind after the rapture on earth to be God's main witnesses to people on earth then.) The Lord Jesus Christ or Y'Shua HaMashiach will cast the antichrist or son of perdition and his associate the false prophet or beast out of the land into the bottomless pit at the end of the 7 year tribulation, cast the devil and his angels into the lake of fire and Jesus and his holy angels will bring all who haven't trusted in Him as personal LOrd and Saviour by then into hell in judging the world. Jesus and God the Father who will come in His Shekinah glory from heaven with Jesus and His holy angels and true Church at the end of the tribulation (Revelation 19) will then set up God's Kingdom on Earth for 1000 years and then on the New Earth with the New Jerusalem and the New Heavens forever as in Revelation 21 and 22. I would therefore urge the reader, if you haven't done so already, to take this Tomorrowland concert in Jerusalem and their invoking the son of perdition as another sign the tribulation and the antichrist are soon as well as God's wrath for sins especially not yet forgiven through His Son Jesus Christ and that you avoid being on earth in this terrible time and come into an eternal relationship with the true and living God by admitting you are a sinner in His sight according to His word the Holy Bible and ask Jesus to be your personal Lord and Saviour through His dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to give us new life and so you can be part of God's people or family for this age the Church (called out assembly) and have a wonderful eternal home in heaven (John 14:1-3).

February 2016 Official Signing of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Largest Free Trade Deal So Far in History Preparing for One World Economy and Government of the Antichrist

Although there was general agreement of the terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) last October, it wasn't signed until this month (February 2016). The signing of the agreement by the heads of state of the involved countries was in Auckland, New Zealand. Member countries which were 12 were the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Brunei, Singapore, Chile and 2 others Pacific countries. This deal will probably, like most big free trade deals, particularly benefit the rich and the big banks and multinational corporations but be at the expense of the poor and lower income consumers, smaller businesses and smaller municipalities. Some disadvantages for Canada according to the Canadian patriotic Council of Canadians include diminished sovereignty, lack of transparency including the process that corporations can sue individuals, political or corporate entities that threaten some of their perceived interests and don't have to be too open about it and probably regarding environomental or similiar laws, more local jobs at risk, likely decrease in wages (and increase in corporate profits), high drug costs (because of further limitations in North America of cheaper generic drugs, more food insecurity (probably partly due to decreased agricultural tariffs and more discouragement of locally grown food (even for which the local climate and soil is suited), more environmental risks (again at least partly in order to increase profits of big business). This agreement although it is now signed still has to be ratified by each of the individual countries in their parliaments. In Canada where I live they are talking about taking about 2 more years to do this. It might be a similiar length of time in other member countries. I have seen some of the news coverage of this in China and they point out that this is sort of an everywhere except China free trade deal which could have some true aspects of it by attempts by the United States and other countries to limit China and its economy. I don't think this is right to limit China this way either but I also don't think it is right by a lot of North American companies to have too easily moved their manufacturing to China because of cheaper and in some cases exploitive wages of Chinese workers and of more lax Chinese environmental laws but also I don't agree with a number of cases in which Chinese companies have pirated western goods or their manufacturing process and not given due compensation for intellectual property. Anyway from a Bible prophecy perspective this deal brings especially the member countries closer to a one world economy and government and for one person to lead it namely the Antichrist, the Beast out of the Sea or the Man of Sin during the soon coming tribulation or 70th week of Daniel or time of God's wrath. The government in Canada said there will be lots of opportunity for Canadian to give their input on this deal but from what I heard this input will be more from chosen spokespeople or so-called stakesholders not as much anybody that wants to give their input and might not be as favourable to the deal and that whatever the general comments it sounds like the Justin Trudeau Liberal government like the Stephen Harper Conservative government isn't too serious at changing many significant aspects of this deal including the many that will benefit the rich and multi-national corporations at the expense of the poor and regular middle class people in Canada or probably similiarly in other member countries. Since this globablization is happening now as also other deals such as Canada Europe (CETA) deal and the ongoing America Europe free trade deal Trans Atlantic Investment and Trade deal or something like that and of course the Agenda 2030 deal last September at the UN that would involved the economies and trade or all the countries of the world, I would encourage the reader if you haven't already done so to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for our sins and rose again bodily from the dead to offer us God's eternal life so you can have a relationship with God and not have to go through the tribulation but can be taken in the rapture of the Church to heaven before the tribulation and come with Jesus and I believe the glory of God the Father to set up God's Kingdom at the end of the tribulation on Earth with the restored of Israel and the nations that as trust in Jesus as Lord and Messiah and Saviour.

October 2015 Passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Largest Free Trade Deal So Far in History Preparing More for One World Economy and Government of the Antichrist

In early October 2015 the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal was agreed to by 12 pacific nations including Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and 7 other Pacific rim countries but not including China for which a separate free trade deal is being negotiated with North American or perhaps other places. This TPP deal involves about 40% of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and at least on this basis is the largest free trade deal in world history. There was compromise on each side to try to reduce tariffs by the different countries on their respective products and services especially with respect to trade with other countries in this trade pact. For instance Canada where I live will have to have a slight increase in what it allows other countries to import into it for dairy products and to reduce the amount of cars or car parts that have to be made in Canada from slightly over 60% to about 45%. In Canada at least most of the contents of the trade deal have not been made public during the negotiations and the Conservative government in Canada said that most of the contents would be made public until after the federal election coming later this month (October 2015). Things could be similiar in the United States or other countries involved but at least they are in their having to reduce the tariffs on some of their products or services. Although this deal has been passed by the negotiators of all the countries, it still has to have final approval from votes in the parliaments in all the countries but it is expected that this will not be an obstacle to it being fully passed and going into force for any of the participating countries as far as I know. Part of the reason there have been many bilateral and multilateral trade deals such at this TPP deal is because the earlier attempts at a worldwide free trade deal under GATT then the World Trade Organization (WTO) failed because areas of the world were not willing to compromise such as first world countries reducing tariffs on agricultural goods to let in more cheaper agricultural goods from the developing world and the developing world reducing its tariffs on high tech manufactured goods and financial services that are generally more advanced in the developed world. From a biblical Christian world view this is a another step towards one world economy and one world government not of God but of the devil through his man and at least in the second half of the tribulation totally incarnate in his man the Antichrist or the beast out of the sea and man of sin. Before the antichrist or the beast takes over control of this world will be the rapture or catching up to heaven to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of His true church or called out people from all nations through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead to give us new life. If you haven't yet done this and achieved a restored relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ I urge you to trust in Jesus now because I am sure based on God's sure prophetic word and the current events that are quickly following it and catching up with it that the rapture and following tribulation then second coming of the Lord Jesus with His Church to set up His Kingdom on Earth and judge the world including the Antichrist will move forward very soon and for those who have heard a clear presentation of God's salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ in this age and neglected or rejected it until the rapture and beginning of the tribulation there probably won't be another chance for salvation or forgiveness from God in the tribulation or any time after that based on 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. People who haven't heard a clear presentation of salvation in Jesus in this present Church age will have a chance to be saved in the tribulation but under dire circumstances.

September 2015 Crisis of Migrants Coming from Middle East and Africa to Europe and Possible Increased Readiness in Europe for the Antichrist

As of this writing in September 2015 there have been about 500,000 migrants come into Europe from the Middle East especially Syria but also other places such as Pakistan and from Africa especially North Africa but also from Sub-saharan Africa who have come through Libya and other places in North Africa. It is quite evident for anyone who listens to the news for even a while that Europe is not equipped to deal with such a large volume of migrants or those who don't come in in an orderly way through the proper immigration system. Among other things this has led to much disagreement among not only the people of Europe but also the leaders of the European Union and the individual countries how to divide up the expenses and the countries in which to settle the migrants. Among other concerns there is worry that these migrants will work below minimum wage and take the jobs of native Europeans, and the concern for rage or assaults or thefts or other crimes perpetrated by these migrants especially if they don't get jobs and fit into the societies in Europe quickly and fully. However a larger concern with many people in Europe including Bible believing Christians or Jews or bible believing Christians or Jews in North America or other places is that many of these people are Muslims and that there could be a significant number that are exploiting this situation to come in the midst of these crowds as Muslim jihadists to try to take over Europe for militant Islam. This has certainly be done in other places of the world in history by militant Islam and is consistant with some parts of their holy book the Quran. I as a Bible believing Christian do feel sympathy for the people from Syria or Iraq or other places that are Christians or genuinely moderate Muslims or secular people that are fleeing the militant Muslims in their countries and want to live in a country that is not ruled by militant Islam in Europe but part of the problem is determining who is who. Also I believe the world including the west should do more to get a merciful and just settlement including for Christians or non-Muslims or moderate Muslims in places like Iraq and Syria including to marginalize radical groups like Isis or Al-Qaeda or radical Shiites that might be supported by Iran but the world including the west are either unable or unwilling to make much progress in this direction for a couple years and this continues to contribute to the migrant crises. From a Bible prophecy perspective this continuing migrant crises that includes many Muslims will probably continue to lead in Europe to growing dissatisfaction with their current leadership and desire for stronger leadership including that would protect some semblance of Christian culture and secularism from Europe being overrun by Muslims. I believe this growing desire for such a new, stronger leader in Europe with a stronger mandate to lead a united Europe will fall right into the hands of the Antichrist, the Beast out of the Sea or Man of Sin who will be the devil's counterfeit for the Lord Jesus Christ including the Lord Jesus Christ's future role to visibly and personally rule the world for God the Father according to many Bible passages. That there continues to be this glaring leadership crisis in Europe that continues to be fueled by this migrant crisis means to myself and other Bible believing Christians that it is likely only a short time before the Antichrist is revealed to first lead a united Europe and then the whole world and that he will first come promising peace and prosperity including a peace in the Middle east with the Jews in Israel and the Arabs but also this migrant crisis in Europe and environmental problems or other issues like hunger, lack of water in the world, employment getting religions together etc. Before the Antichrist is revealed according to Daniel 9:27 or 2 Thessalonians 2 or other scriptures the true Church of born again Christian from around the world who have personally admitted we are sinners according to God's word the Holy Bible and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life and a relationship with God will be raptured or caught up to heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ to allow God to judge the world directly and through what He allows the Antichrist to do as world dictator. Since there is increasing evidence these things are about to happen I would encourage you the reader to as soon as possible trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with your heart as your personal Lord and Saviour so you won't be here for Earth's darkest hour but can instead be caught up to heaven with Jesus and His Church or called out people before the tribuation and come back with Him from heaven to judge the world including the Antichrist and set up God's Kingdom with Jesus and restored Israel through Jesus and the restored to God through Jesus at the end of the tribulation.

June 2014 Jean Claude Juncker Voted as Likely New European Commission Leader

Without much surprise Jean Claude Juncker has been appointed as the new leader of the European Commission in a vote by the nations of the European Union. He was approved 26 to 2 with only the United Kingdom and Hungary voting against him despite much public opposition to his candidacy by David Cameron the leader of the United Kingdom. However he still has to pass a couple more hurdles including to get a majority approval in a vote in the European Parliament but it is thought he will do this without much problem. Jean Claude Juncker is 59 years old is the former Prime Minister of the nation of Luxembourg between France and Germany. He is also more recently the architect of the austerity finacial measures for Greece and some other nations that had high debts and/or deficits and is regarded as very much in favour of a more centralized Europe and has recently been called by UK Prime Minister the ultimate Brussels insider referring to his heavy involvement for about 20 years in the management of the European Union. Mr. Juncker will replace the present holder of the European Commission lead position Jose Barosso who was also previously the leader of Portugal. I also learned from the EUObserver web site that Mr. Juncker was one of the people instrumental in the establishment of the Euro currency and is a Roman Catholic. The latter would be appropriate for the Antichrist as well if he will be ruling the Revived Roman Empire which Daniel 7 indicates the last days government of the Antichrist will be. Although I can't say for sure, such a person being appointed to a top position in the European Union provides a good candidate for the Antichrist the coming world dictator who will rise and rule from the European Union the revived Roman Empire according to Daniel chapters 2 and 4 and chapter 9 and Revelation 17. Although there have been good candidates before for the Antichrist Mr. Juncker is as good as any with his record of being much in favour of a centralized Europe and about to have one of the top positions in Europe and being a fairly high profile politician in Europe as well as the fact that at this time things are definitely heating up in the Middle East including the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel where the Antichrist will reveal himself in allowing the Jews to build their third temple. However there also have to take place selections for other leading positions for the European Union soon including the leaders of the European Parliament and the European Council to replace Mr. Van Rompuy and a new foreign representative to replace Cathy Ashton. It will be interesting to see how much the new holders of these offices are in favour of a centralized Europe. Due to these things happening including when there is hightened interest in the Temple Mount by both Jews and Muslims I would encourage the reader if he or she hasn't already done so to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life so you can also be taken to heaven at the rapture or catching up of the church and not be left behind on earth to endure the tribulation with the worldwide tyranny of the Satan's man the Antichrist and the judgment of God or the world for sin and unbelief in Jesus.

September 2014 Appointments of New President of the European Council and Foreign Representative of the European Commission and Possible Preparations for Antichrist Government

In September 2014 European Union leaders awarded the position of European Union President to Donald Tusk the up to recently prime minister of Poland. He will replace Herman Van Rompuy of Belgium for this position at the beginning of December this year. This position could be for 2 1/2 or 5 years. Compared to some politicians in the past in Europe as well as Jean Claude Juncker who was recently awarded the position of President of the European Commission, Mr. Tusk is somewhat of a political lightweight. He sounds a lot less conciliatory than Mr. Van Rompuy who he is replacing and has said he has given up on having good relations with Russia. This will likely be put to the test early in his term due to the standoff with Europe and Russia in Ukraine. One reason he was chosen is to have a leading position in the European Union to a representative from Eastern Europe as Mr. Juncker and Mrs. Mogherini the new European Foreign Affairs leader are both from western Europe. Mr. Tusk has led Poland since 2007 and achieved significant 20% economic growth during at least much of that period. According to an article in he is Roman Catholic and believes in a stronger or more centralized European Union but mostly from the perspective that that would give better security for Poland likely in reference to any possible threats from Russia. Tusk said his top three goals during his term in office to cause more awareness to Europe of Russia from an Eastern European perspective, to prevent the UK from leaving the EU and to prevent widening separartion between countries using the Euro and those that don't in the European Union. From a Biblical viewpoint he could still work with the Antichrist in the tribulation but I don't see any obvious characteristics that would give him a leading role then and there.

The other candidate appointed this month is the Italian woman Federica Mogherini as the new Foreign Minister of the European Union. She replaces Britain's Cathy Ashton also about the beginning of December this year. She has been accused of being rather young and inexperienced for the position being 41 years old and the foreign minister of Italy only since February this year. She has also been accused of Eastern European Union representatives as too easy with Russia and her likely choice was one of the main reasons Donald Tusk from Poland who is strongly anti-communist was chosen for one of the other leading EU positions. Mrs. Mogherini came with Cathy Ashton on a peacemaking trip to Ukraine and Russia to try to achieve a peace agreement regarding Ukraine recently probably earlier this year (2014). She has pledges to look after the interests of all EU nations and citizens but her actually entering her term of office will prove how true that pledge is. She has been involved in foreign relations for about 20 years as part of non-governmental groups (NGOs) and as part of the Italian foreign affairs committee. She has also travelled to some Balkan countries like Serbia and Croatia and some Middle EAstern countries like the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Egypt but Israel was not mentioned. She was also a political scientist and did her thesis on Islamic politics which with what countries she has visited or not visited indicates she could be quite biased towards Muslim and Arab countries and away from Israel just as her predecessor Cathy Ashton was. She also has taken part in nuclear disarmament organizations again as Cathy Ashton and this with her involvement more with Arab and Muslim matters and not with Israel or Jewish or Christian matters indicates she is probably quite left wing. From a Biblical Christian view this could indicate that if the tribulation starts right away she could be used by the Antichrist as part of his eventual actions against Israel in the second half of the tribulation although she is also so far a political lightweight.

United States 2013 National Budget Standoff, Government Shutdown and Preparing for World Leadership of the Antichrist

At the end of September 2013, the United States Congress and President Barack Obama refused to come to an agreement on a vote on the 2014 national budget. The Congress wanted to be able to discuss Obama's health care legislation, Obamacare, to reduce some of the extent and negative features of it but President Obama wanted to have a vote on the budget itself without any other considerations. So Congress Republican leader John Boehner refused to have a vote in Congress when he couldn't get any discussion on concessions on Obamacare and the United States government went into a limited shutdown where it still is at this time (October 9, 2013). This is doing serious harm to the United States economy and international reputation but also in other things such as the government sponsored science research that is not deemed an essential service. It is widely thought and has been pretty well acknowledged that 40 or 50 members called the Tea Party of the Republican part of Congress from very conservative parts of the United States that despise big government are behind Republican leader John Boehner's consistant stand against passing the 2014 US budget with no conditions. However there is an even more dangerous and critical deadline coming up soon. On October 17, 2013 the so-called debt ceiling would be reached and the United States federal government runs out of money. A vote needs to be held in Congress and the Senate and approved by President Obama concerning authorizing the US government to increase the amount of money it can borrow from lenders or creditors. China and other creditor countries seem to be in favour of a vote for the US government to borrow more money. If a vote is held before then and it passes then everything would be alright at least for the time being. However if a vote isn't held or if the vote is held and it isn't passed by Congress there will be serious problems not just to the economy of the United States but to the whole world and also likely some political problems in the United States. These problems could well be as bad or worse than the recession that began in 2008 as it would be a default of the American dollar and of the American government. This would cause a serious reduction in international confidence in the US economy and in investing in the American dollar with perhaps not as much willingness by international investors to continue such investing or wanting higher interest rates paid to them in return for the same investment. This could then cause the United States government to look to other sources of income such as cutting programs or increasing taxes or both which would be very unpopular and painful to votes or businesses there.

On a bible prophecy note, this crisis in the American economy especially if it continues without a vote in congress past the deadline for raising the debt ceiling could be what leads to a new world currency under the antichrist and the revelation of the antichrist or beast out of the sea or man of sin the new world dictator and the preceding rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians that have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give us eternal life. I would encourage you the reader to also, if you haven't done so already, to trust in Jesus so you can be ready when Bible prophecy events move forward soon.

Some Miscellaneous Characteristics of Herman Van Rompuy the Current President of the European Union and Possible Candidate for the Antichrist

Some information I have learned recently helps me become more suspicious that the current President of the European Council of the European Union overall Herman Van Rompuy could indeed be the Antichrist. I have found out that he has contempt for democracy and that because he comes from Belgium that is divided between the French Walloons and the Dutch Flemish people and doesn't have a distinct national identity he feels more a citizen of the European Union or the world rather than his home country of Belgium or any other nation state. He also is very supportive of world government as his statement at around the time of his acceptance of his position of EU President. At that time he said the following: "2009 is also the first year of global government with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of a financial crisis; the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet." From a Biblical Christian viewpoint we can certainly say we are in a greater state of world government but not yet in the state of a stronger or more oppressive world government of the Antichrist after his treaty with Israel to rebuild their temple that will begin the tribulation and eventually world dictatorial rule of the Antichrist. Mr. Van Rompuy also believes Europe as included in the current European Union or any other possible additional countries such as from the Balkans are mostly Christian in culture and he wants to keep it this way by blocking the inclusion of mostly Islamic Turkey in the European Union. His religion on Wikepedia is also listed as Roman Catholic although I don't know how devout he is but this would also be a good qualification for him as Antichrist as the government of the Antichrist is viewed as the revived Roman Empire in scripture.

June 2013 Revelations by CIA Worker Edward Snowden Shows Extent of US Surveillance on its Own Citizens or of Other Countries Indicating Preparations for the Antichrist

In June 2013 a CIA worker in the US leaded some sensitive informatin to the British Guardian newspaper about American spying on its own citizens and other countries. Mr. Snowden is 29 years old and works for a company named Booz Allen Hamilton which received work contracted out from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). There were revelations that the telephone business Verizon was ordered to give phone conversation information to the National Security Agency (NSA). This information included both phone numbers involved in a call and the locations and date and time of the calls. There were also claims that a secret program called Prism that was supposed to be set up in 2007 by former US President George Bush Jr. eavesdropped communications on major internet companies. Later on there were revelations that the United States security was eavesdropping or even hacking internet web sites in other countries including Germany and China. There have been claims by the US intelligence community that these intelligence measures prevented a couple dozen potential terrorist incidents in the United States and other countries from being realized. US president Barack Obama and some US intelligence or defence directors have criticized this action of Mr. Snowden as threatening US security. Mr. Snowden fled to Hong Kong after this incident and his whereabouts were not known as of mid-2013 but it is now known that he took a flight to Moscow Russia and will likely be living there for the forseeable future. All this goes to show the extent the United States and likely some other countries go to spy on their citizens or those of other countries and the extent things are ready for the antichrist or beast out of the sea mentioned in the Bible in Revelation 13, 17, 19, 2 Thessalonians 2, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:27 and other scriptures when the antichrist will be world dictator and will be quite oppressive over the world's political, economic, religious and military spheres with the False Prophet or Beast out of the land. I would therefore urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life so you can also not only have eternal life but be assured of being spared the tribulation by taking part in the rapture of the church beforehand. I would urge you to do this as soon as possible if you haven't already done so.

October 2012 Step to Further Central Control of European Union Banks

In October 2012 the European Union agreed on a pact to give more control of all the 6000 or so banks in the European Union to a centralized EU body. This will transfer control from the national central banks or other central banking bodies in the individual countries. Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande led the negotiations to reach this agreement. This agreement will be over all the European banks even though Germany had wanted some of the banks to be exempt. To some degree this treaty will take effect in January 2013 as with other things in this paragraph according to what I read in an article on the web site. This is another step to an eventual economic and political union in Europe that will be used by the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea with the False Prophet to rule the world in the seven year tribulation according to God's Word - the Holy Bible. Since such steps are happening now and continuing to develop I would urge the reader to as soon as possible trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead to give new life so you can have a relationship with the creator God and also be spared being on earth during the tribulation.

December 2011 New Fiscal Compact of the European Union

In the second weekend of December 2011 the European Union had a summit to attempt to regain investor confidence in the Euro currency and the European Union. Among other things all participating countries, which now looks like all countries except the United Kingdom, will be required to have balanced budgets with annual deficits of no more than half a percent point of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Nations that exceed three percent of GDP will face scrutiny and penalties from the European Union. The European Commission will look at the national budgets and state their requirements. They will also be able to send bureaucrats that will compel member nations and state their requirements. They will also be able to send bureaucrats that will compel member nations to take bailouts even if they don't desire this. Member countries will also be required to contribute more money into an EU bailout fund to be called the European Stability Mechanism. It is supposed to come into effect by July 2012 instead of 2013 proposed for a previous bailout fund. More financial summits are also promised as is also further consideration of European Union bonds. There has also been a Commission has called for more fiscal consolidation of member EU countries (all but UK) and a cross EU tax on financial transactions and for a common corporate and financial tax base. These latter measures were the principle items that persuaded British Prime Minister David Cameron from including Britain in this agreement. With the closer fiscal union including national deficits and tax policy of member countries across the EU, the stage is further set for someone to rise to the top of the European Union and more easily lead it. This fiscal union probably means the time is that much closer for the Antichrist or the Beast out of the Sea or the Man of Sin and his partner the False Prophet or the Beast out of the Land to arise in Europe and lead the world in the tribulation as its antichrist and devilish tyrant although he will probably come in as a peacemaker and on a wave of public acclaim at first. A main thing besides solving remaining economic problems in Europe or the world that will make him popular and reveal him to the world will be the peace he establishes in the Middle East with Israel and probably involving the Arabs including Palestinians that will feature permission for Israel to build their third temple on the Temple Mount. Since these things seem to be progressing I would urge the reader to as soon as possible trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for your sins on the cross and rose again to give you new life and receive him as your personal Lord and Saviour so you can not only have eternal life and a relationship with God etc. but also be spared of being left behind on earth during the tribulation but instead can be caught up to heaven as part of the church to with God and the Lord Jesus Christ and his people. This will also insure you will come with Jesus at his second coming to establish his kingdom on earth and enjoy eternity with Him and God the Father.

Late October 2010 Agreement in the European Union on More Permanent Bail Out System for EU Nations With Economic Problems

In late October 2010 the European Union had a conference to try to replace the temporary system for bailing out indebted countries of the EU after the financial crisis in Greece. The temporary system adopted at the time of the Greek economic crisis will expire in 2013 but this new system will be more long term. The previous economic crisis in Greece almost led to the collapse of the entire area of Europe using the Euro currency after a financial panic. This new treaty would seek to take more preventive measures to stop a similiar crisis from developing beforehand farther in advance. For instance fines would be exerted to countries that are developing debt problems in which debts exceed the Lisbon treaty guidelines of 60% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) or in inflated housing speculation conditions that are getting ready to burst. There would be a permanent bailout fund created that would be made possible by the different EU nations contributing some money on an ongoing basis that could be used in an emergency or impending emergency. Under the recently passed Lisbon Treaty the EU was not allowed to have its member nations bail out other less well off member nations. Now Herman Van Rompuy, the new EU President, has been appointed to look out how these proposed measures can be implemented without requiring votes or even referendum by national governments of the EU which they are generally allowed to do when significantly more more is given to the EU government. He and the European Commission will report back in December 2010. The EU government will try to say this is not a large enough change to require votes or referendum in the national governments since there is the idea that is probably justified that if national governments or especially the public through referendums are allowed to comment on the Lisbon Treaty and the EU they might make all kinds of demands that EU leaders wouldn't like and would take power away from the EU which is something the national governments couldn't agree on. Any major change for which it is felt that national governments should vote on or have referendums concerning more power to the EU requires a unanimous vote which was what caused so many problems for passing the Lisbon Treaty in the first place and almost altogether prevented it from being passed.

From a Bible prophecy viewpoint, the fact that this measure will probably strengthen the European Union economically and probably politically in the long term and that it has been overseen by the new EU President Mr. Van Rompuy is a wake up call that progress is being made in the rise of the revived Roman Empire from which the antichrist will rule the world in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel although it is not at all certain that Mr. Van Rompuy will be the Antichrist since he doesn't seem charismatic enough. Although Europe still has some economic problems and are some way from more effectively competing with newly emerging economic giants like China and India or even standing above the United States, this treaty will help the EU move forward and better provide the administrative base from which the Antichrist can lead the EU to world prominence in the tribulation. This article is based on information from the BBC and Personally I think many evangelical Christians and Bible teachers these days are preoccupied with the role of Islam in the world and have forgotten about the New World Order and the role of Bible prophecy in the tribulation. That can be seen by the lack of books on this subject in Christian bookkstores among other things. I would urge the reader to make an effort to monitor this topic on such sources as I have mentioned above or some sources that still give Christian views on this topic like Southwest Radio Church ( so that the rapture of the church and following tribulation don't sneak up on you like a thief in the night. This news was also not widely shared on Christian media and probably not on general American media either. The way to be assured of being spared going through the tribulation is by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and taking part in the rapture that will occur very soon.

October 2010 Currency Crisis Between China and the West Indicating Need for New World Order Financial System Eventually to be Led by the Antichrist and the False Prophet

Although it didn't start in October 2010, the currency crisis between China and the West especially the United States continued to become more critical and a greater source of tension in this month. The main reason China and some other countries undervalue their currencies in that it makes their exports more competitive on the world markets and leads to greater employment in their countries. I heard on the media that the Chinese currency is now about 40% undervalued. Although China is still resisting it, it has now acknowledged the problem and has said it will do something about it but gradually and at its own pace not the faster pace desired by the United States and other western powers. The ongoing efforts to reach a solution to this problem will lead to even further globalization of the economy and to some extent of government. However the efforts by the Chinese government to resist quick or substantial reevaluation of the Chinese currency, the yuan, could lead to some strain in international government relations in the meantime but diplomatic officials from all sides will probably do their best to limit any strain in international relations between China and the West. According to the Bible these efforts to get global solutions to world finanical problems is leading us closer and closer to the mark of the beast that will become the basis for the world economic system in the tribulation at least in the second 3 1/2 year half of the tribulation. It is apparent from problems like this currency crisis that the current economic system is not working. This artificially low ratio of the chinese currency to the US dollar and other currencies has been and continues to be one of the main factors for the United States and other western countries having a negative balance of trade with more imports especially from China than exports. This has also led to a huge debt in the United States and other western powers and the devaluing of the US dollar with respect to other countries and the questioning by many whether the US dollar should continue to be the world reserve currency including the currency in which global goods such as gold, silver and oil are quoted in. Any change from this could also lead to a more one-world currency and a step to the mark of the beast. I would therefore encourage the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for your sins on the cross and rose from the dead to give you new life as soon as possible so you won't be left behind on earth in the tribulation after the catching up to heaven of all true Christians. One of the dangers of living in the tribulation will be trying to survive without using the mark of the beast which will be the enforced world currency then and that refusing it could endanger one's physical life but taking it will condemn a person to eternal torment in the lake of fire.

August 2011 United States Agreement on Averting Debt Ceiling and Possible Preparations for World Currency of the Antichrist

On August 2, 2011 United States President Barack Obama signed into law an agreement to avert national bankruptcy for United States at least for the time being. The United States had previously set a limit of 14.3 trillion dollars as the maximum for their debt which was reached earlier this year. This led to negotiations between president Obama and the Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress and Senate on a deal to provide for more money for the United States government in a way they hope won't be too offensive to investors and bond raters of the US debt. These investors were wanting about 4 trillion dollars in cuts to the US debt over a fairly short period. Instead they got about 2.4 trillion in cuts over the next ten years. This agreement will also allow the United States to borrow about 2 trillion dollars or so. It remains to be seen whether this will prevent the credit rating agencies from lowering the US credit rating for the first time in a long time with concessions in this agreement. The Republican wanted cuts to social programs and not to increase taxes on the rich while the Democrats including President Obama wanted the opposite. The Republicans were heavily influenced by the staunchly conservative Tea Party movement in their party that is extremely opposed to new taxes including for the rich. President Obama is also to set up a council of 13 including himself and 6 congressmen from each of the Democrates and Republicans particularly to determine where to find the spending cuts as outlined in Obama's plans for the next ten years.

From a biblical Christian viewpoint this agreement prevents the immediate bankruptcy and collapse of the American economy and serious effects on the world economy but it still won't prevent continuing deterioration of the US and world economy with the continuing possibility in a downgrade in the US credit rating. This could lead to a new world currency to replace the US dollar soon with the new world currency possibly introduced by the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea after the rapture of the church and the beginning of the tribulation. I would therefore still urge the reader who is not yet a Christian according to the Bible to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins on the cross and rose again the third day according to the Bible - the word of God. If you are already a Christian I encourage you to grow in your Christian faith and urge other people you come in contact with that are still outside of God's family and Church to trust in the Lord Jesus soon so they can have their sins removed and enter into a relationship with God.

September 2010 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Update Assessment for United Nations Effort to Improve World Society as Setting the Stage for the Antichrist

In late September 2010 there was a major United Nations Summit at the time of the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting that usually takes place in September. Although there were other events at this summit a main event from a world government progress perspective is the 5 year update of the Millennium Development Goals. These were goals to help world society that were basically agreed on in the year 2000 and have target achievement set for the year 2015. There was an update on the progress of these goals in 2005 and this year in September there was the next 5 year update and review. The Millennium Development Goals are the goals through which the United Nations has agreed on with major countries in the world both in the developed world and the deveoping world to focus assistance to developing lesser developed countries. These 8 goals are the following: 1/ eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; 2/ achieve universal primary education; 3/ promote gender equality and promote women; 4/ reduce child mortality; 5/ improve maternal health; 6/ combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; 7/ ensure environmental sustainability; and 8/ develop a global partnership for development. Although many of these goals are good in themselves HIV/AIDS by just encouraging safe sex instead of chastity before marriage and abuse by using this as an opportunity to desensitize people to the sin of homosexuality that is a major factor in the spread of AIDS which isn't always being addressed. Also environmental sustainability can sometimes be used as an excuse at deindustrialization and worship of nature especially in the west as some people in the environmental movement have more care for mother earth, planets and animals than the well being of their fellow humans and would like to see the west go back to as it was before the white man came and brought a more industrial society to North America. Most of this basic news was from the BBC news service and a book What's Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix It by Thomas G. Weiss.

However, from a biblical Christian perspective, the biggest danger of this Millennial Development program is that it is through the United Nations and it is being used to further a global government and global economy and through groups like the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches that I am quite sure are involved in this program and other world religions that probably that also leads the world closer to a one world religion. The reason I and other Bible believing Christians are so concerned about these things is that these are attempts at one world systems without the true Creator God of the Bible, His Son Jesus Christ or His Word - the Holy Bible or his people born again or bible believing Christians. Born again or bible believing Christians are those people who have been called out of this world to God through the new birth of God's Holy Spirit after trusting in God's Son the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life from God. Since these global solutions of the nations through the United Nations are attempts at one world systems without God they will naturally fit right in with and set the stage for Satan the devil's global government through his representatives the Antichrist or Beast out of the sea as the coming world dictator and his associate the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation 13, 16, 17 and 20 etc. and the Book of Daniel. Therefore I encourage the reader not to be carried away with the excitement of some people with these programs or with the ignorance that they are even going on with others but to be aware of them but see them as a sign that the Antichrist and his one world systems without the one true God - the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ are coming soon and that this one world godless system will soon be realized in the 7 year tribulation after the catching up (rapture) of all true Christians who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Bible. I would therefore urge the reader to do this as soon as possible if you haven't done it already and if you have to continue to live for Jesus and better know his word, serve him and witness to other unsaved people about eternal life in Jesus while this current age of grace or church age is still in effect. The tribulation will start with a Middle East peace between Israel and the Arabs including the Palestinians that will allow the Jews to build their Third Temple where they can again have animal sacrifices viewed to cover sins on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as in Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 11:1-2.

December 1, 2009 EU Lisbon Treaty Becomes Law Throughout the European Union

On the beginning of December 1, 2009 the EU Lisbon Treaty became law throughout the European Union. There has been very little coverage of this in the media especially compared with its importance and almost none in the Canadian media although there was some mention of it at the time of the new leadership positions in the EU. However my main source of information and about the only substantial media source in English on this topic has been the BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation. The probable reason there was especially little coverage on December 1 of this event is that most of the work was already done by the latest deadline. On October 18, 2007 the European Union as a whole approved the Lisbon Treaty and between that time and the December deadline all the European nations separately approved it although with some special concessions to some countries such as the Czech Republic and Ireland which was the only country that by its national law has to have a referendum rather than a parliamentary vote on a matter like this. It is quite possible that this would have been a situation also in Switzerland which is famous for having referendums on many issues but Switzerland has never joined the European Union and as far as I know has no interest in doing so in the forseeable future even though it is in the middle of Europe. This Lisbon Treaty of course was billed as a way to make the European Union more efficient and more prominent on the world stage. The first part will probably come true with majority voting replacing a universal consensus or vetoes on much of the legislation being considered by the European Parliament or other bodies but the actual choice of at least the first leading positions of the European Union or European Council of the low profile candidates Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Cathy Ashton from Britain means the promise of this treaty to give Europe a higher profile on the world stage will not be realized in the first 2 1/2 year term of the treaty and of these positions of President and High Representative or Foreign Minister of Europe. A high profile position on the world stage would have been much more the case if some high profile person such as Tony Blair or Nicolas Sarkozy had been chosen for the presidential position. However it was mentioned that some existing prominent leaders of Europe such as Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and the existing head of the European Commission Jose Barroso didn't want people in these new EU positions that would upstage them in Europe or the world stage. Both Herman Van Rompuy and Cathy Ashton are quite dedicated to a stronger and more centralized Europe and will probably work devotedly to pass legislation under the new Lisbon Treaty towards that end now that the treaty has come into effect after December 1.

From a Christian viewpoint this could pave the way for the Antichrist and the False Prophet with a more united and centralized Europe prepared for them to base their world rule from and they could still use these positions to gain the higher profile positions in Europe that were originally envisioned for them. I would therefore take this opportunity to again encourage the reader if he or she hasn't already done so to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he was and is the Son of God who came into the world to die for our sins on the cross and the third day rise again to give us new and eternal life. I would also encourage you to admit you are a sinner before a God that is perfectly righteous as well as loving and that you can't save or justify yourself by your own good works or merit. This is what is necessary not only to have eternal life and a relationship with God but also to escape the imminent worldwide tribulation for God's judgment of the world before Jesus' second coming to give a final judgment of the world and set up His Kingdom on earth for those who become His trusting people. If you are or soon become a Christian, I encourage you to read and come to understand more of God's Word - the Holy Bible especially from a literal perspective and apply it to your life and to otherwise serve God while he gives us opportunity in this age so we can have eternal rewards or crowns laid up in heaven in addition to eternal life.

November 19, 2009 Low Profile Candidate Herman Van Rompuy Chosen as First European President - A Seemingly Unlikely Candidate for the Antichrist

According to what I saw on the BBC and other sources the former Belgian leader Herman Van Rompuy has now officially been chosen as the first President of Europe or the European Council. His is not familiar to people outside Belgium, even to other parts of Europe as he is not very charismatic and was only Prime Minister of Belgium for less than a year. His main accomplishment was being even-handed between the French or Walloons and Flemish factions in Belgium's divided parliament and country and doing much to bring them closer together as consensus builder. This was probably his main appeal to European heads of state who were responsible for choosing the new European President and Foreign Minister. Herman Van Rompuy also has before clearly expressed his opposition to including Turkey in the European Union because of its primarily Islamic religion and culture unlike most of Europe that is nominally Christian. Mr. Van Rompuy also was formerly head of Belgium's lower house of parliament and a budgetary or finance minister where he brought much progress to Belgium in helping it better balance their national economic situation. He was a veteran member of the Flemish Christian Democratic party which is a centre-right party in the Belgium government. He also formerly worked for the Belgium central bank. He does not have any experience that I know of in the European Union and another reason he might have been chosen for European Union President is because the existing heads of state didn't want a high profile candidate selected for EU President that would overshadow them such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Although Mr. Van Rompuy does not look like a fitting candidate for the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea mentioned in the Bible, time will tell whether he will change or whether some other more suitable candidate might soon replace him. The normal limit for a term in this position is 2 1/2 years with a possible additional second term also of 2 1/2 years. The end of the first term would probably go to the beginning of June 2012 as the start of this position might not begin until December 1, 2009 when the Lisbon Treaty is supposed to fully take effect. The Antichrist person in the Bible of course will be a matchless charismatic person who also is extremely cunning, deceitful, violent, powerful and ruthless especially in the second half of the tribulation when he will be entirely possessed of the devil. Mr. Van Rompuy especially at this time seems very far from these characteristics although sometimes power has a way of corrupting people. The Antichrist will also be the world, especially Europe's, political and military leader at least in the 7 year tribulation and these are aspects provided for at least as far as Europe is concerned for this position. The False Prophet or Beast out of the Land who will be associated with the Antichrist in the tribulation will be the economic and religious leader. However Mr. Van Rompuy would have to take much more explicit and notable leadership to be anything close to the Bible description of the Antichrist in these areas. The President of the European Union is supposed to be the new face of the European Union to the world such as the international summits like the G20, the World Economic Forum or perhaps some specialized summits like the coming environmental one in Copenhagen, Denmark so he should become more well known due to the international media quite soon. The complementary position that has also been created at this time is the Foreign Minister of the European Union or EU Council which is responsible for economic and foreign policy matters of the European Union, has now been filled for the first term by another low profile person, Baroness Catherine Ashton of Britain and could eventually lead to the Bible role of the False Prophet or Beast out of the Land.

June 2010 Herman Van Rompuy President of the European Union Given Clearer Primary Authority of the European Union

In a meeting in Russia between top European Union authorities and those of Russia, Herman Van Rompuy was given priority in speaking on behalf of the European Union even though other main leaders of the European Union such as president of the European Commission Jose Barroso and EU Foreign Minister Cathy Ashton were also present. It was stated by some officials that the permission for Mr. Van Rompuy to be the main speaker for the European Union was meant as a sign by EU officials that the primary authority to speak on behalf of the European Union at international meetings had shifted to the post of President of the European Union at that time and continuing to this time to be held by Mr. Van Rompuy. The topics of the meeting included energy, trade and perhaps some other trade and security matters in the relationship between the EU and Russia. This story was in and called: "Van Rompuy takes centre stage at EU-Russia summit".

May 2010 Herman Van Rompuy President of the European Union Leads Economic Restructuring of the European Union

As has been well publicized, there has been considerable economic problems in the European Union and attempts to address them this month. Although a great deal of the problems are real the response by international investors has probably been exagerated so they can profit from a declining market by economic market by economic methods such as short selling. I may have mentioned earlier on my web site that the European Union has stipulations for the economy of its member states that no more than 3 % of the Gross Domestic Product should be the level of a country's annual deficit. But I have since learned from the EU Observer web site that there is another condition that the accumulated shortfall or the debt of any EU country should be no more than 60 % of the annual GDP or gross domestic product. The situation for Greece and some other European countries has exceeded these amounts, especially the condition for deficits, for several years in a row in some cases by large extents. There is now general agreement that stricter measures need to be taken to gain investor confidence and set the economies of the European Union countries on a sounder basis. Part of this was the recent one trillion dollar bailout from European Union central banks and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to prop up the Euro currency. There has been around May 20 or 21, 2010 a meeting of the European Council and EU country finance ministers and treasurers to address these problems and move towards a more centralized or co-ordinated European Union wide economy instead of the economy being still mostly set by the individual national governments. A main complaint against the Euro currency is that the financial policy by the countries involved has been mostly set by the individual countries representing the particular interests which can sometimes even be contrary to each other and not a European wide financial body that would set planning that would best support the good of the European Union and currency of the Euro. Herman Van Rompuy has been presiding over these meetings as his role as President of the European Union and coming to take some more responsibility and power although he is still quite low-key compared to what was originally envisioned for this role.

I still think as a bible-believing Christian that these ongoing economic problems in the European Union could lead to the rise of the Antichrist who could take over the role of the EU President by the time of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel and rise to be the world dictator from his power base in Europe. This would be very similiar to the way Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in the early 1930s when Germany was having a time of economic problems and some inferiority on the international stage. I therefore think these economic problems and the move towards a more centralized economy and to some extent government in the European Union could also indicate that the rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians who have in our heart admitted we are sinners and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour who died for us and rose again could be soon. This would be immediately before the revelation of the Antichrist on earth or the Beast out of the sea through his covenant with Israel to allow them to build their third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I would therefore urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour how so you will be ready for the rapture and not be left behind for the tribulation and earth's darkest hour in history.

European Lisbon Treaty Ratified (Passed) by Last Country and Guaranteed to Soon Become Law on November 3, 2009

The European Union Lisbon Treaty, formerly called the European Constitution until it was somewhat watered down, was passed today by the last holdout the Czech Republic. Previously all other 26 countries of the European Union have passed this law including the Irish Republic by a second referendum in the beginning of October 2009 with all the others passing it through either their legislatures or heads of state. One of the main features of this treaty is that it will change the nature of votes in European bodies such as probably the European Parliament and European Commission so that unanimous consensus is not required any more but just a majority vote. This will make the European Union more effective and sure to pass legislation and a national veto on this legislation would be taken away in many cases. There would also be new 2 1/2 year high profile positions of President and Foreign Minister of the European Council or Europe that will represent Europe to the rest of the world. These terms I think could be renewed for a second term.

These positions and the more effective legislative process will lead to a more centralized and effective Europe that could provide a more opportune step to world prominence of the Antichrist or world ruler mentioned in the Bible who will probably arise out of Europe and who will rule the world in the 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. The foreign minister position could be held by the false prophet or beast out of the land who will reign with the Antichrist and that is also mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Now there only needs to be some last minute bureaucratic measures of the European political officials to put this treaty into law across the European Union by some time this month or in December 2009. The race to fill the two top posts will start in earnest and a good place to keep up with the news on this topic is the bbc at The fact that this treaty has now been agreed to and all hurdles are past is likely another major indicator that the tribulation and preceding rapture of the church is very near and I urge the reader if he or she hasn't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart that you are a sinner before a God who is perfectly righteous as well as loving and that you pray to God in Jesus' name to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as the one who died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life. This faith in Jesus is also the condition for taking part in the rapture or catching up of the church to heaven according to 1 Thessalonians 4 and John 14.

February 2010 EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy Proposes More Centralized Economic System for Europe in Response to Greek and Other Economic Problems

By February 2010, it became apparent that Greece and some other countries in Europe have gotten into significant debt and other economic problems. Some of these other countries that also use the European Union Euro currency include Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. Although it is illegal according to European Union laws for other countries in the European Union to financially bail out economically troubled countries in the European Union, it seems the European Union under the leadership of new EU president Herman Van Rompuy have proposed measures to financially assist Greece or to force it to make spending cuts in the public service or government spending that should help cut the debt or at least the deficit to a more manageable level according to the BBC and This deficit is supposed to be no more than 3 % of Gross Domestic Product or something like that according to EU rules. It is thought if the EU doesn't take swift and decisive action against Greece and its deficit problems there would be more problems in the international money markets or stock exchanges and a further reduction of the Euro currency relative to other world currencies. There could also be more demands by some of the other financially troubled countries in the EU for financial help. It is thought that this topic of Greek and other financial troubles and the effect on the European Union would be a primary topic of the European Union Council meeting that is to be held in Brussels this month led by Mr. Van Rompuy. The main conclusions of these events are that Mr. Van Rompuy proposes tighter central European Union controls and monitoring of the financial situation of European Union countries especially those that use the Euro currency and that this is something that would certainly prepare for the Antichrist and his world government that will be centred in the European Union.

Some World Leaders or Former Leaders Endorse a Multi-faceted World System

I have learned from a new video by Roger Oakland about the Emerging Church that some world leaders or recent leaders have or continue to endorse a one-world system with three aspects, a one-world political, economic and spiritual or religious system. Some leading people in the world who endorse this plan are former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan for the United Nations, Al Gore of the Environmental Movement, Pope Benedict for the Roman Catholic Church and Rick Warren author of the Purpose Driven Life for the Emerging Church. The quotes are all given in the video. This one-world system is definitely not of God as his system is individual nations not global government and his call to the church is to evangelize all the world not to try to reform all its institutions by joining with those of the world or non-Christians. This endeavor of these leaders and their movements to establish a one-world system will fall into the hands of Satan and the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea and the False Prophet who will rule the world according to scriptures like Revelation 13 with a one-world political, economic, military and religious system with God or Bible believing Christians or even the Bible believing Jews and Gentiles who will then be present on earth. If you are in any of these movements or any other one that is trying to join with the world in setting up a global or one-world system, I encourage you to trust or rededicate yourself to God through His Son Jesus Christ. This needs to focus on admitting that we are sinners before a God that is holy as well as loving and that God sent HIs Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and rose from the dead to offer us new life. Jesus said of his church that it is not of this world system even as he is not of this world as I think the rapture of the church and the following tribulation for those left behind is very close and this movement towards a one-world system including in the evangelical church through the Emerging Church is a major indication of this.

September 2009 Further Globalization From Measures Announced by the G20

In late September 2009, according to the BBC and other sources, the G20 announced significant measures that will lead to a more globalized world economy and government. To begin with in case the reader is not aware of it, the G20 is a relatively recent group of nations that includes the industrialized world's main nations that were in the G7 or G8 and the main nations of the developing world such as China, India and Brazil as well as quite a few others. Some of the measures announced in September associated with meetings of the G20 that month that have been passed and implemented or are in the process of being implemented are the following: 1/ that the G20 replace the G7 or G8 for the world body responsible for directing the economic measures of the world; 2/ that trade between consumer and exporting countries be balanced by encouraging more savings both with businesses, government and individuals in the consuming countries mostly in the west and that spending be encouraged in the exporting countries such as China and India and other parts of Asia and perhaps some other countries of the world; 3/ that efforts be made to close tax havens so countries could get the fuller amount of taxes they are entitled to according to national laws; 4/ that there be agreement on limiting bank bonuses with the excessive amounts especially in the United States having contributed to the recent and still ongoing American and world economic downturn; 5/ that nations like India and China have more voting rights and other power on world bodies like the IMF (INternational Monetary Fund) to reflect their more powerful economies and; 6/ that efforts be make to look into developing a new world currency to replace the American dollar as a world currency and that would be used to value commodities such as oil and gold because of the recent proven instability of the US dollar. All there measures are being done on a world wide basis which will lead to a more globalized economy and to some extent government.

This will further prepare the way for the one-world government and economy in the world in the 7 year tribulation under the Antichrist (the Beast out of the Sea or the Man of Sin etc.) and the False Prophet the Beast out of the Land. I would therefore more intently encourage the reader to wholeheartedly trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for you and your sins on the cross and rose again to give you new life so you can be caught up to heaven before and avoid the tribulation and worldwide dictatorship on earth during the tribulation. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the condition for being caught up to heaven before the tribulation according to 1 Thessalonians 4 and John 14. The word rapture is biblical as is based on raptare which is Latin for caught up to heaven for beneficial not malicious purposes. For those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ before the tribulation we will also come with him at his second coming in the end of the tribulation to rule the earth with him and then serve him and have everlasting joy in the new earth, new heavens and new Jerusalem for ever after the end of the 1000 year Messianic Kingdom.

A Financial Crisis or A "Crash of Cash" Likely to Precede the Implementation of the Mark of the Beast

According to many evangelical Bible teachers and what I believe is consistent with the Book of Revelation and other Bible prophecy there could likely be a financial crisis in the worlld stock markets and banks and other parts of the finanical sector in the end of the current church age that could set the stage for lack of confidence in cash and more confidence in an alternate perhaps electronic means of funds. This could lead to the Mark of the Beast at least on a voluntary basis at the beginning of the 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel. This Mark of the Beast would be for people to buy or sell any products but also this crash of cash that could precede the rapture of the church and following tribulation could also lead to the widespread adoption of RFID technology to replace bar codes also for food and other retail products at the beginning of the tribulation. Although there have been some stock market or financial market slides recently such as in 1997 or 1198 with the asian real estate sector bubble bursting, the dot come bubble bursting, the financial sell-off after the attack of the World Trade Centre by the Muslim terrorist group Al-Qaeda in September 2001, the current problems that started from the overvalued stock markets worldwide that began in August 2007 if they continue could be the financial problems that lead to the crash of cash that lead to at least the beginning of the Mark of the Beast at the beginning of the tribulation and widespread use of RFID technology and perhaps more electronic means of funds to replace cash for regular business. The rapture of the church which will cause widespread instability worldwide including in the United States with the sudden disappearance of a couple hundred million born again Christianss worldwide could push any stability in the financial sector over the edge as has often been noted by the saying "business hates uncertainty".

Sub-prime Mortgage Collapse in the United States and the Tightening of Credit in Late 2007 and Into 2008 as the Possible Immediate Precursor of Antichrist's Currency System Leading to the Mark of the Beast

As has been widely reported, I think since late 2007, the sub-prime mortgage sector of the United States housing market collapsed due to the passing of the peak of property values for residences in the United States and the beginning of decline of these values. This means that people have the same amount of debt in their mortgage but less value for their property and less assets and less net value of assets. The sub-prime mortgage means that these people were generally not in a very good position to afford their own home and had no or poor credit history often because they are poor or unemployed or perhaps because they have not been very dependable in the past in paying back debts. Other factors such as increasing unemployment especially in the manufacturing sector in the United States meant many people were no longer able to afford the mortgage payments on their homes. Much of this borrowing for these mortgages was borrowed from banks or trust or other institutions that didn't have the money on hand themselves to lend to these borrowers but they borrowed from other banks or financial institutions usually on the belief that the housing prices would continue to go up and these sub-prime mortgages would continue to be sound which of course didn't prove true. By this time at least a significant amount of these first level mortgage institutions have gone bankrupt or been severely affected by the failure of many of these sub-prime mortgages and been also forced to foreclose many of the homes bought on these terms. This has led to a tightening of credit across the financial sector not just in the United States but around the world as there was ultimately significant investment by banks of other countries in these sub-prime mortgage in the United States. This in turn has led to a slowing of investment and economic activity in general as credit becomes more difficult also for many investors or other financial institutions to get from banks. This has already led to the reduction in the US interest rate set by the Federal Reserve (the US central bank) and the central banks of other countries including a 3/4 reduction on March 18, 2008 to alleviate concern after the bailout of the Bear Sterns bank in New York City that was one of the biggest investment banks in the United States and that had heavy investment in sub-prime mortgages. The Morgan Stanley Bank with cash from the Federal REserve bought Bear Sterns for 200,000,000,000 dollars US that was a fraction of its value up to recently. There are also a couple other major banks in the US that are still in shaky financial situations and that might want a rescue from the Federal Reserve which further erodes condidence in the world financial sector especially regarding the American economy.

The reduced spending by Americans because of the housing and credit crisis has already significantly reduced the exports and balance of trade of China and Japan and other countries in Asia or elsewhere that are net exporters to the United States and has caused worry to those in charge of their economies as well. Perhaps the biggest danger on the horizon is that the tightening credit in the world financial system could make banks in Asian and other countries less willing or even unwilling to lend further to the United States either for its government or its citizens or businesses or to continue to extend existing debts to Asian or other countries from the government in the United States which now stands at about 9 trillion dollars. This includes about 1.6 trillion dollars to China, 1 trillion dollars to India and several Arab oil exporting countries or a couple hundred billion dollars each and American citizens through credit cards etc. owing also about 1 trillion dollars. This is also making the US dollar fall with relation to the European Euro, the Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen and other currencies. If these problems continue and are not corrected soon they could lead to demands for a new international currency system to replace the current one dominated by the US dollar.

This could give rise to one based in Europe and set up by the Antichrist who will probably come out of the European Union at the beginning of the tribulation after the rapture or catching up of the Church of all true Christians who have received the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour who died for our sins on the cross and rose again from the dead to give us new life. This new currency system could be or quickly or readily lead to the Mark of the Beast that is mentioned in Revelation 13 which will probably involve a microchip under people's skin which will probably monitor how much money they have and what they have spent it on as well as their presence at any time and will be used to control the population. This mark of the beast could be initiated after the rapture to some extent at the beginning of the tribulation or 3 1/2 years after the beginning of the tribulation at the midpoint. The fact that current financial conditions point to the readiness and reason for an alternate system to the current one and a possible better worldwide currency very possibly means the rapture of the true Christians to heaven and the following tribulation and rule of the Antichrist and time of God's judgments on a world of those left behind who hadn't received the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour could be quite soon. There will be an opportunity then to be saved for those who hadn't heard the Gospel in the current Church Age or Age of grace. I therefore urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour who died for your sins and rose again from the dead as soon as possible if you haven't already and if you have to continue to live for God and Jesus for the remainder of this age so you might be caught up to heaven with Jesus at the rapture and be spared the tribulation and eternity in hell after that but instead might have some blessed eternal rewards in heaven for Christian service after salvation.

These economic problems in the United States and to some extent affecting other parts of the world have continued since the early part of 2008. These problems were manifest again in September 2008 with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers that is one of the five biggest investment banks in the United States and the sale of Merrill Lynch which is another of the five biggest investment banks on September 15, 2008. Merrill Lynch was sold to Bank of America. At this time the formerly largest insurance company in the world, the US base AIG, is also having financial problems and might have to be bailed out or also to go into bankruptcy. Also recently I think in August this year the US Treasury bailed out the huge real estate companies in the US Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that represent almost half of all mortgages in the United States or about 5 trillion dollars out of about 12 trillion dollars in total. All these things I believe indicate the current financial system is unsound and needs to be replaced with a new one that I believe will be done after the rapture of the church at the beginning of the tribulation when the Antichrist and the False Prophet assume control of the world. All these events in the United States are also dragging down the financial systems of other countries in the world as well. I urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour as soon as possible as it becomes increasingly clear that the world is heading to an unprecedented crises despite some of the economic sunnyside predicters without credibility saying otherwise.

Origins of the Federal Reserve (the Central Bank of the United States)

The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, was set up by an act of congress on December 22, 1913 and then enacted when it was passed by the US Senate on December 23, 1913. This was called the Federal Reserve Act or the Glass-Owens bill. This is according to the online web site Wikipedia under the Federal Reserve Act. On the surface the Federal Reserve was founded because of runs on the money supply when the United States didn't have a central bank. One of the worst runs on the money supply was in 1907. In practical terms however the idea of a central bank was supported by international bankers from Europe and elsewhere and ended up giving them a controlling stake in the US financial system that continues to this day. The Federal Reserve is not part of the US government but works at arms length but in association with it. According to the money expert Andy Gause the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 also says it would take an act of the US congress to expire the Federal Reserve.

Call by French President Nicholas Sarkozy For New World Economic Sytem in September 2008

The annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly took place in the last week of September 2008 at the UN centre in New York City. At this meeting each year each of the heads of state of the world are permitted some time to address the other members of the general assembly including the other leaders of the world as well as probably the ambassadors of each country to the UN and other UN officials. At this meeting President Bush of the United States tried to focus as usual on the war on terrorism but was pressed by other world leaders and their representatives to give some answers to the US led world financial crisis which to some extent President Bush did do I believe. Anyway what was at least as important was that the French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who in this last six months also has the rotating leadership of the European Union, spoke about the US led world financial crisis. Among other things Mr. Sarkozy said the current US led financial system of the world based on financial speculation had failed the world due to its greed and corruption which led to the current crisis. He then proposed a new world financial system that would probably not be centred on the United States and that would focus more on financial aid for relief and development in the third world especially in Africa. More recently in October Mr. Sarkozy or those associated with him said this new world economic system should be modelled on the Bretton Woods conference around 1945 which started the internationalization of the world economy including the establishment of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This would probably be a help economically to the third world especially Africa but could cause them to trust too much in a world economic system that could soon be headed by the Antichrist tht could possibly be Mr. Sarkozy or someone like him with globalist agendas and that is very ambitious. This new economic system could also spread some of the bad debt and economic problems of the United States to other countries that wouldn't otherwise be as directly affected by it such as Canada. Of course we will have to wait to see what happens next but this would give me more reason to urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ immediately so you can be taken to heaven at the rapture of the church and not be left behind to endure the Antichrist's tyrannical and ungodly rule or God's judgment of the earth and its people in the tribulation.

November 2008 Appointment by Barack Obama of Timothy Geithner as New Treasury Secretary of the United States Increases Power of Banks

In November 2008, Barack Obama appointed Timothy Geithner as the designated Treasury Secretary of the United States government to replace Henry Paulson of the George Bush governmnet. Although I believe Barack Obama promised in his election campaign that he would have new faces that wouldn't be tied into the established Wall Street order but this appointment flies in the face of that. Timothy Geithner, according to a profile I read on the BBC and heard from the economist Andrew Gause, is a Wall Street insider as the chairman up to now of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve. It is comprised of private banks based in New York City mostly including the investment or other banks such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch or the former Lehman Brothers whose shady financial practices got the United States and the rest of the world into the current financial crisis. I think the idea is that Timothy Geithner might therefore be more loyal to those banks and getting money to them so they can buy up more companies than the general American taxpayer or consumer can. Timothy Geithner also served on the IMF or International Monetary Fund that is associated with the United Nations.

For these and other reasons he probably will represent and pursue the interests of the globalists and the New World Order perhaps even more than other possible choices for this position. His choice is probably an indication by Barack Obama that he is at least willing to help the New World Order make progress in the United States which will lead to the one world economy and government of the False Prophet and Antichrist soon. I would therefore all the more urge the reader trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour that he died for your sins and rose again to give you new life if you haven't already to be ready for the rapture of the Church before the tribulation. If you have trusted in Jesus already I encourage you to live for Him faithfully and witness to others about Him in whatever time remains for us on earth in this age of grace or Church age.

Some Possible Indentification for the Antichrist or Beast out of Sea from the Mark of the Beast

The Antichrist will also control the world economy through forcing people to take a mark with his number, 666, to buy or see or to worship his image. Although there is much speculation of what the mark of the beast is, I think a safe bet is that it is now being promoted and applied to replace commercial bar codes or universal product codes technology called RFID technology. RFID technology stands for Radio Frequency Identification and consists of a microchip for storing information and an antennae for tracking a product or whatever it is attached to. There had also been much speculaton about who the beast is from who has the number 666.

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