The Prophecy of Saint Malachy Concerning the Roman Catholic Church

Background Description of Prophecy of Saint Malachy Concerning the Roman Catholic Church

Although I still don't know exactly what to make of it and still have some reservations about it since it is not in the Bible, there is a prophecy or prediction from a man named Saint Malachy in about 1139 AD about many of the popes including the claimed last ones that seems suspiciously accurate it its timing especially now that Pope John Paul 2 has died. It basically says from St. Malachy's time in the 12th century there will be 112 popes and that Pope John Paul 2 was the 110th or 3rd last. The full real name for St. Malachy was Malachy O'Morgair. This prediction also says that the 111th will be described as Gloria Olivae of the Glory of the Olive. This is the description that applies to the current pope Pope Benedict XVI. He has said and followed through with it since the beginning of his papacy that he will follow a path of especially religious peace especially with other professing Christians in what is commonly called the ecumenical movement. This pope's way of stating it is that his mission was to "restore the unity of the visible body of Christ" which I am sure he meant under the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy that I and other Bible believing Christians don't accept but that all Christians and local churches are directly accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Head. The 112th pope is described as Peter the Roman in the Prophecy of Saint Malachy as follows:

Prophecy of Saint Malachy of Last and Last Days Pope Peter the Roman

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.

Explanation of Prophecy of Last Pope Peter the Roman in Prophecy of Saint Malachy and Relation to the Bible and World Events

Even some Roman Catholics see the black pope or head of the Jesuits as the last days Antichrist while viewing the last 112th pope Peter the Roman as a more faithful to the Roman Catholic Church pope who will be forced out of power and go into exile perhaps in Malta where I have heard a refuge has been built for him. The statement by Saint Malachy that Peter the Roman will lead his flock through many tribulations could refer to the many tribulations taking place on earth in general on earth in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel according to the Bible described in detail in Revelation 6-16 but this could especially describe when the Antichrist or Beast turns against the Mystery Babylon false church mentioned in Revelation 17 that will probably be headed by the Roman Catholic Church and include other mainline Protestant or other liberal churches and moderate parts of the Orthodox Church and perhaps moderate elements of other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism or newer religions. This could also mean the tribulation and preceding rapture of the true church of born again Christians is now very near. I personally think the black pope or antichrist or beast out of the sea of Revelation 13 and man of sin of 2 Thessalonians 2 or he that causes abomination of Daniel 9:27 will force his way past the 112th pope or next pope immediately after the rapture and the beginning of the tribulation and 70th week of Daniel. The Antichrist who could take the office of pope will then rise to power with the establishment of a covenant or treaty between some elements of the Roman Catholic Church and perhaps other professing Christians and Israel and probably the Palestinians and other Arabs that will allow Israel to build a Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount and resume their animal sacrifices and other temple worship there for the first half of the tribulation as they are now ready to do. The Antichrist will then take over the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem for people to worship him there in the second half of the tribulation. The black pope or beast is probably spoken of in his work of the later stages of pushing the Roman Catholic Church and allied churches or religions aside and turning on her and her loyal pope who will probably be the next or 112th pope, Peter the Roman as his turning against the Mystery Babylon church of Revelation 17. In the book The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop he states that in the pagan Roman religion there was some stones that had mystical significance called Petroma that later was used by the papacy to say that the original apostle Peter was the first pope and biship of Rome. Although Peter was an Apostle according to the Bible and could have reached Rome or even died there there is clear emphasis in the Bible that Peter was an apostle to the Jews not to the Romans or other Gentiles. The last or 112th pope might be called Peter the Roman because the Roman Catholic Church or this 112th pope will falsely claim that he is a resurrected version of the apostle Peter or at least very similiar to him. In any case I don't think this similiarity would be similiar to the apostle Peter of the Bible or reliable history.

2013 Selection of Pope Francis as 112th Roman Catholic Pope

In 2013 the 112th Roman Catholic Pope was selected after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVIth. Although the new pope was not named Peter and was not directly Italian I believe he did still have many of the qualifications to be Peter the Roman of the Prophecy of Saint Malachy. For one although his name isn't directly Peter he chose to be named Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi. I found that part of the name of Saint Francis was Pietro or Peter. Also although Pope Francis wasn't born in Italy or wasn't Roman directly both his parents were born in and came from Italy and immigrated to Argentina. Pope Francis also has an Italian last name. Pope Francis is also acting as if he is preparing the Roman Catholic Church for judgment by God by clearing a lot of the extravagence such as reorganizing the Vatican bank and clearing the VAtican of a lot of pompous positions and practices. He also continues his practicies of when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina of living a humble life and making himself quite accessible to the common people especially the Roman Catholic ones and this is more like a shepherd leading his flock than a lot of other Roman Catholic popes recently. Based on all this although Saint Malachy wasn't a biblical prophet one way or another the true God has allowed Saint Malachy's prophecy of the 112th pope to be quite accurate so far. Based on this and that Bible propehcy including about Israel shows things are quite ready for God to go ahead with his last days program for the rapture of the church the tribulation the second coming of Jesus and the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom I would urge the reader if you haven't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as soon as possibly that he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life so you can not only have eternal life and a relationship with God but be assured that you will be taken to heaven at the rapture of the church and not be left behind to live under the antichrist and God's judgment of this world.

Preparations of Secret Societies for Participation in Temple Worship Under the Tribulation Pope

Although it is necessarily difficult to obtain information on this subject, from diffirent sources I have recently reached an association between groups such as the Freemasons, the Jesuits and Illumanati that they all are planning to train and prepare their members to participate as priests in the rebuilt Solomon's Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Each of these groups in different degrees of admission want to prepare to serve in the temple with a man usually the pope of that time that will be worshipped in the holy of holies near the ark of the covenant. It is also interesting that the current Black Pope or head of the Jesuits, Hans Kolvenbach, has stated that he wants to arrange a special meeting in early 2008 perhaps January to allow him to step down early and be replaced by another man to become the new Black Pope. Hans Kolvenbach has been head of the Jesuits since 1984 and has the right to be in office for life like the regular pope but wants to step down earlier. For example there is a source that says the Illumanati have these type of plans in the web site of a man named Barry Chamish at Vatican Connection to Temple Mount and Jerusalem
while there is information on about page 27 to 29 of the article about the black pope in

Black Pope

and although it is not a Christian book I think the general thrust of a new book The Book of Hiram and in their coat of arms that among other things shows the Ark of the Covanant and the Mercy Seat and the Shekinah Glory of God that these make quite clear the Freemasons are also quite intent on preparing their members to be priests in the rebuilt Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem that they are encouraging Jewish groups to build soon but plan to take over in the second half of the tribulation. Then of course the Antichrist will hijack the use of the temple for worship of himself instead of Jewish worship of the LORD, Jehovah or Yahweh according to the Law of Moses from the Old Testament.

Selection of New (111th) Pope in Former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

April 19, 2005. Former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger becomes new 111th pope to be called Pope Benedict XVI (16th). Although it is difficult to say too much at this early time some things are clear already. The new pope is 78 and quite old, is German or non-Italian and quite conservative and next or after him many people will want a pope who is younger, more liberal and perhaps Italian or Roman. All these characteristics will probably will be realized in the 112th or next and last pope Peter the Roman as well as in the Antichrist who will probably lead the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church under their last pope called Peter the Roman.

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