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May 31, 2021 added a couple sections about Saudi lawyer and journalist Osama Yamani following some other recent Arab leaders, especially from Saudi Arabia, claiming that Al Aqsa as used in Islam and the Quran in reference to the beginning point of the claimed Night Journey of their founder Muhammed was not the mosque called by that name on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem but was in reference to a mosque in a town in Saudi Arabia near Mecca called Al-Juranah. He reminded the readers that Al Aqsa means furthest in relation to Mecca and there was another mosque in Muhammed's day called Al-Adna which means nearest because it was closer to Mecca in Arabia. He gave some details on how Al-Aqsa came to be referred to the mosque by that name in Jerualem by the Umayyad Caliph Al-Malik who was based in Damascus, Syria and led the building of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosques around 685 to 700 AD about 60 or 70 years after Muhammed died in Medina, Arabia in 632 AD all on the web page Tribulation Temple Part 4 in the web section Israel and Bible Prophecy.

June 4, 2021 added sections on the signicance of growing Saudi Arabian led movement to correct association of Al Aqsa mosque in Islam from the incorrect and now and for some time more popular and well known location of the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount (what the Muslims call Haram Al-Sharif) to the historically correct location in a mosque present in the lifetime of Islamic founder and writer of the Islamic holy book the Quran very close to Mecca in Arabia and resultant Saudi led including by the recent United States led Abraham Accords to give Saudi Arabia a larger role in managing partly Islamic holy places in Israel including the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. Lastly these additions include how these developments could lead through greater Saudi willingness than Jordan or the Palestinian Authority to share the Temple Mount with Jews or Israelites for them to pray and perhaps build a shrine or religious building to worship the God of Israel that could lead soon to the false peace of the Antichrist or False Messiah to start the tribulation, after the rapture or catching up to heaven of all the true Church, with the agreement, covenant, treaty or accord of the Antichrist with Israel and many other nations to allow Israel and the Jews to build their third temple and resume the Levitical animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that will be stopped by the Antichrist after 3 1/2 years to enable him to use that temple to force all people still on earth to worship him the antichrist as God and to worship the devil as God or be killed and some related scriptures form God's word the Holy Bible including Daniel 9:27 and urging of all people who aren't yet Christians to trust Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour as soon as possible to be prepared to be taken to heaven at the rapture and not left behind on earth for the tribulation and for Christians to live now more for Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit according to His word the Holy Bible to better please God, win other people to Jesus and to gain more rewards and crowns from Jesus when we get to heaven all in web page Part 4 The Third or Tribulation Temple under web section Israel and Bible Prophecy

June 30, 2021 added a new web page about historical and biblical historical details of the part of the 70 nations of the world through Noah that are descended through Noah's son Japheth in web page 70 Nations of Noah Japheth in web section Nations Bible Prophecy

July 2, 2021 added a new web page about historical and biblical historical details of the part of the 70 nations of the world through Noah that are descended through Noah's son Ham in web page 70 Nations of Noah Ham in web section Nations Bible Prophecy

July 2, 2021 added a new web page about historical and biblical historical details of the part of the 70 nations of the world through Noah that are descended through Noah's son Shem in web page 70 Nations of Noah Shem in web section Nations Bible Prophecy

August 23, 2021 added a new web page and some sections in it about false gods and goddesses, especially those in nations around Israel and mentioned in the Bible especially the Old Testament, and some of the background of them and their relation to Israel and the world in history and last days Bible prophecy in web page False Gods and Goddesses in web section General Bible Study

September 6, 2021 added some sections that the kings of the earth and the ten kings of the world system mentioned in Revelation 16, 19 and 17 that lead the armies of the world against the Creator God and His Son Jesus Christ the Lamb at Jesus's Second Coming at the end of the very soon starting 7 year tribulation or 70th week of Daniel could be the same and that the reference to tidings out of the east and north that trouble the self-willed king (the beast or antichrist) in Daniel 11 could be a reference to his concern that armies of the kings of the east in Revelation 16 led by communist China and the Gog and Magog armies of Ezekiel 38 and 39 could be rivals and challenges to his (the beast's) worldwide power in the Antichrist leading to his fighting against them and their armies even though they all hate the Creator and true and living God and (and including) His Son Jesus Christ the Lamb when He comes to judge the world and set up His visible kingdom over all the earth based in Jerusalem, Israel at the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the tribulation in web page Battle of Armageddon in web section Nations and Bible Prophecy

September 10, 2021 added a couple sections about the long standing probems of the original hastily built and by now very structurally week wooden Mughrabi Bridge as the only entrance to Jews and all other non-Muslims to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the decision of the Israeli Parliament the Knesset to carry out minimal repairs to maintain its safety for Jews of Israel or other nations and non-Muslim tourists to access the Temple Mount the site of the former 1st Solomon's and 2nd Zerubbabel's/Herod's Temples on the Temple Mount in web page Tribulation or Third Temple in web section Israel and Bible Prophecy

September 16, 2021 added section about the recent Israel decision and carrying out of that decision including reference to article with pictures of finished basic repairs of the structurally weak Mughrabi Bridge the only entrance for Jews or other non-Muslims to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in web page Part 4 The Tribulation Temple in web section Israel and Bible Prophecy

September 29, 2021 added some sections about attempt by some young Jewish Temple Mount activists to bring and use to build booths or tabernacles made of the branches of the 4 types of trees mentioned in God's word the Holy Bible for the Jews or Israelites to make booths or tabernacles including in the courts of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem onto the Temple Mount and their arrest by Israeli Temple Police or Islamic Waqf guards and confiscating the Feast of Tabernacles tree branches, and escorting them off the Temple Mount during the Feast of Taberacles this September as another sign of the dedication and fervor of some Orthodox or more biblical Jews to try to hastn the coming of Messiah and the Messianic Kingdom and Temple based in Jerusalem but that will actually lead first to the revelation of the Antichrist or false Messiah to allow the Jews to build the tribulation temple first that the Antichrist will later use to enforce worship of himself as God in the later part of the soon coming tribulation after the end of the current Church Age with the very soon coming rapture or catching up to heaven of all the true Church or true or born again Christians of every nation in web page Part 4 The Tribulation or Third Temple in web section Israel and Bible prophecy

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Bible Prophecy and the Church

The Church (literally the called out (of the world) ones) is the people from every nation and from the Jews that the LORD or God the Father is calling out to be a special eternal people for His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. All people in the true Church have personally trusted in Jesus Christ that He is God's only begotten Son and that He died for us and our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life. When we do this we enter a personal relationship with God Himself including Jesus and become indwelt, led and taught by His Holy Spirit.

The Church Age or Dispensation began at Pentecost in about 30 AD and is almost at its completion point when there will be members of the Church from all 70 Genesis 10 from Noah and his three sons nations, peoples or people groups, languages and all tribes. Then the Church will be raptured or caught up to Heaven with new spiritual or heavenly bodies for all its members to our homes in Heaven. The Church will also have a part in ruling Earth in the Millennial Kingdom of the Messiah - Jesus and a glorious eternal future. If you are not part of it already I hope you join us while they is still the little remaining time in this Age of Grace, the Church Age or the Age of the Holy Spirit. This can be done by praying to God in Jesus' name to personally receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour from your sins.

For the true meaning of Christmas see the references to the birth and infancy of the Lord Jesus Christ in the First Earthly Ministry of Messiah (Christ) Jesus web page

First Earthly Ministry of Messiah (Christ) Jesus
The Devil and Demons While the Lord Jesus Christ Was on Earth
8 Picture in Passover of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ(Messiah)
Picture of Godly Fellowship in Feast of Unleavened Bread
9 Picture of the Lord Jesus Christ's Resurrection in the Feast of First Fruits
Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
11 Picture of Holy Spirit, Law in Feast of Pentecost
Justification and Living by Faith in the Lord Jesus as Godly Spiritual Seeing
Jesus Christ Commandments
Forgiveness Through Jesus Christ's Blood

For Bible teaching in context about the expression ye are gods see New Nature in Christ web page

New Nature in Christ
Promises of God to Church
Confess Jesus Christ as Lord for Salavation
Early Church History from Book of Acts and Other Sources
The Devil in the Church Age

Currently and throughout current Church Age, one of the important aspects of the true Church and true Christian witness is to rightly divide God's word the Holy Bible including to study or teach God's word from a mostly literal and in context or exegesis intepretation rather than trying to study or teach from a substantially non-biblical perspective where one significantly tries to read non-Christian or out of context ideas into one's interpretation of a bible passage. This is usually associated with the symbolic or allegorical or eisegesis interpretation of the Bible. This type of interpreation began in earnest in Church history with efforts of the Hellenized Jewish teacher Philo in the 1st century and then the very pro-Greek philosophy church father Origen in the 3rd century to revise Bible interpretation from a literal perspective to one that would appeal to followers of Greek or Roman philosophy more and bring them into the professing Church. For more on this topic view my web site about the Teaching of the Word of God to Believers in the Church Age below.

12 Teaching of God's Word to Believers in the Church Age

A good introductory level devotional Bible to read through the Bible - the word of God in one year in a consecutive basis or in the usual order of the books is the Daily Walk Bible. The devotions in this Daily Walk Bible are in the order in the Christian Bible from Genesis to Revelation and I heartily recommend the use of the Daily Walk Bible. It is available in either the King James Version or the New International Version and is available from Amazon Books online. It is also available from at least some Christian bookstores in Canada and probably in the US or some other places to order through them or in Canada. The Daily Walk Bible is also available in the secular bookstore chain Chapters Indigo to order at their bricks and mortar stores including Coles or online through their website.

This Daily Walk Bible features at the back of it the Bible reading plan to read through the whole Bible in one year. However one feature lacking in this Bible edition is any Bible maps. At the beginning of each day's reading there is a chapter by chapter outline and brief summary. Each day's reading of usually a couple or several chapters includes one or more academic or spiritual insight notes a practical Daily Walk section with application from the day's reading for Christian living. This devotional Bible is good in that it combines emphasis on evangelism and practical Christian living with some academic notes on the background of the day's reading. The background notes are from a primarily literal and in context basis including generally rightly giving a distinction between the true Church and Israel. The true Church is God's chosen spiritual or heavenly people being called out to God from all nations in this present Church Age or Age of Grace from Pentecost 2000 years ago to the very soon coming pre-tribulation rapture to heaven of the complete true Church. This distinction of the true Church is in contrast to God's chosen earthly or physical people Israel that God focuses on on earth and for the believing remnant of them to be with God in heaven from the time of Abraham around 2000 BC to the cruxifiction of the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah). According to a literal interpretation of the Bible God will also focus on Israel from after the rapture of the Church with the following 7 year tribulation on Earth ended by the Second Coming of Messiah Jesus to earth. The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah) to earth will begin His and God the Father's Millennial or Messianic Kingdom on earth centred on Jerusalem and restored Israel (and the true Church and the saved of the nations.) The Daily Walk Bible does hold to the literal interpretation of the Bible including the last days restoration of Israel or/ or including the Jews to God and to their promised land of Israel.

Prayer in the Church Age
The Seven Churches of the Church Age

For an examination of the also scriptural but probably more quickly achievable idea that the nations mentioned in the Great Commission to share the good news, of sure salvation and eternal life through God's only begotton Son Jesus Christ His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead and our trusting in Him to be our personal Lord and Saviour, to all the world being based on the 70 nations descended from Noah in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 and 11 rather than the probably over 10,000 groups of people in the currently most popular "people group" definition of nations in the Great Commission and for some general scriptures about the Great Commission click on the following web page about the Great Commission

The Great Commission of the Church to Evangelize the World

A good new book, published in the year 2020, about the nations in the Great Commission, as in Matthew 28:18-20, being the 70 nations descended from Noah in Genesis 10 is Names, Nations and the New Testament by author Madelyn Rose Craig.

Added in Great Commission web page: reference in Luke 8 about Christians not to cover or hide our witness for Jesus from Greek work Kaluptos which is the modern Greek work for face mask. In other words if possible Christians shouldn't wear face mask if it hinders our spoken witness for Jesus and some of the laws made by government now and encouraged by the media partly have the effect of hindering Christian witness for Jesus by forcing also Christians to wear face masks and muffle or cover our witness for Jesus to the unsaved people.

12 Ministry of the Holy Spirit For Salvation in the Church Age
12 Ministry of the Holy Spirit After Salvation in the Church Age
The Morning Star as a Picture of the Lord Jesus Coming for the Church Before the Tribulation

Increasing World Emphasis on UFOs and Aliens Including Abductions as Preparing for Possible Non-biblical Erroneous Explanation of the Catching Up to Heaven (Rapture) of True Christians See Following

Other Rapture Scriptures
13 14 Picture of the Rapture in the Feast of Trumpets Rosh HaShanah
Christians Not Appointed to Wrath of Tribulation
15 Rewards and Crowns for Faithful Christian Service
18 19 20 Removal of the Curse on Creation(Nature) and the Messianic Age
18 19 20 World Peace and the Messianic Age

For more entire Bible information about Christianity, Israel and God's program of salvation for all people through Jesus in many languages:

Thru the Bible Ministries

Bible Prophecy and the Nations

For an excellent source for information about Bible teaching and Bible prophecy about the Church, Israel, the Nations and Science visit:

South West Radio Church

There is much the Bible says about the nations (meaning all nations but Israel) especially for the last days after the Church is caught up (raptured) to Heaven. Then God will work among the Jews and the nations. Sometimes the Bible speaks of nations in general and somtimes of specific nations or group of nations. Often, especially in the Old Testament, prophecies for the nations use the old names of nations that can usually be related to present people groups, nations or regions with some study.

Prophecy of Saint Malachy and Roman Catholic Popes Although I have some reservations because it is not in the Bible, there is a surprisingly accurate prophecy from St. Malachy that from his time in 1139 there would be 112 popes of which Pope John Paul 2 is third last and Pope Benedict XVI is the second last.

February 11, 2013 Resignation of Pope Benedict 16 According to Saint Malachy's Prophecy the Next Pope Will be the Last Pope Peter the Roman but as a Bible Believing Christian I Still Am Not Quite Sure What to Think of These Prophecies. By Some reports they will be more credible if the next pope is Italian.

March 13, 2013 The New Pope Has Been Chosen He is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentinia. And he will be called Francis. Although the new pope is neither directly from Italy or named Peter, he is the son of Italian immigrants on both sides and it is significant that he has chosen the papal name Francis after Saint Francis of Asissi. This is because Saint Francis is regarded as the patron saint of Italy and part of the name of Saint Francis is Pietro or Peter after his father. Also this new pope has a reputation of being a pastor that looks after his flock and this is also a characteristic of Peter the Roman. Therefore after I looked into the situation more this new pope Francis 1 can possibly be regarded as a fulfillment of Peter the Roman that is to be the pope that leads the Roman Catholic Church into the tribulation according to Saint Malachy's prophecy but we will have to see what happens and we have to keep in mind that this prophecy isn't inspired of God like prophecies in God's word the Holy Bible.

Prophecy of Saint Malachy and the Roman Catholic Church Popes

Ancient Astronaut Theory's Use of Term Elohim for Ancient Astronauts in Genesis 1 for Creators of the Human Race Refuted

The Creation and Fall
The Flood and the Sons of Noah Tower of Babel
Detailed Article About the Origin and Migration of Nations of the World based on Table of Nations in Genesis 10 and 11 and Genetics
Some of the 70 Nations of Noah Through Japheth
Some of the 70 Nations of Noah Through Ham
Some of the 70 Nations of Noah Through Shem
The Devil in Old Testament Times
Ishmael and His Descendants the Arabs from the Bible
The Stranger or Non Israelite in the Land of Israel

Links to The Nations in the Present Church Age (Dispensation), Age of Grace or Age of the Holy Spirit

12 Ministry of the Holy Spirit to the Nations' Unbelievers in the Church Age
The World System as Opposed to God, Jesus Christ and, Christians
The Fallen Selfish Nature The Flesh Displeasing to God
Hatred, Violence and Attacks and Fallen Human Nature and Lust of the Flesh
12 The Gospel of Jesus Christ to Offer Salvation to the Nations' Unbelievers in the Church Age
12 The Law of Moses Preached to the Nations' Unbelievers to Convict of Sin in the Church Age

Links to Nations Starting in the Church Age and Continuing in the Tribulation

The Beginning of Sorrows
The Mystery Babylon Last Days Church

Links to Nations in the Tribulation

The Holy Spirit in the Tribulation
14 The Looming Conflict Between Islam and the West
14 16 17 Multitude Saved in Tribulation by Witness of 144,000 Messianic Jewish Witnesses
Satan the Devil in the Tribulation

October 2013 Crisis in United States and Risk of World Economy and Politics With Standoff for 2014 Budget and Debt Ceiling and Possible Preparation for Antichrist

December 2013 World Trade Organization Agreement on Agriculture and Development and Renewed Effort to Get a More Comprehensive World Trade Agreement see the Antichrist part 3

June 2014 Selection of Centralized Europe Supporter Jean Claude Juncker as New Leader of the European Commission and Possible Candidate for the Antichrist


September 2014 Selection of New Leaders of the European Council and the EU Foreign Affairs Leaders and Possible Relevance in Bible Prophecy

June 2014 Free Trade Deal Between Canada and the US with European Union and Arab Spring Make English North America the Most Likely Third Horn for Powerbase of the Antichrist see Ten Toes of Daniel

16 Image and Ten Toes of Daniel

Actual or attempted invasion of Israel by Russia, Iran and other Islamic countries see part 3 of Battle of Armageddon.

Current Threatening Actions of Iran With Russia Against America in Literal Biblical Context

18 19 The Battle of Armageddon

Links to Nations in the Millennial Kingdom or Messianic Kingdom

Tribulation Will Cause People of the Nations to Know the Lord
18 19 20 People of the Islands (Coastlands) of the Sea
20 Pouring Out of the Holy Spirit in the Messianic Age
18 19 20 World Peace and the Messianic Age
18 19 20 Removal of the Curse on Creation(Nature) and the Messianic Age

An excellent source of worldwide, comprehensive news is the BBC website. Although it is secular there is much especially about Israel, the Middle East situation, the European Union, the United Nations and world government or globalization, the Vatican etc. that can help the reader with a basic knowledge of Bible prophecy see last days Bible prophecy being realized or prepared in current events before our eyes.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Website

Bible Prophecy and Israel

There is very much the Bible says about Israel especially its future in the last days of the world and God and Messiah's rule on Earth but I will just give you some background first. After the building of the Flood of Noah and the building of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 6 - 11 there was universal idolatry (and immorality) on Earth. Then the LORD - the One True God's solution was to separate from the nations one man and his wife Abraham and Sarah. God used them to build a godly nation for Himself that would follow His laws and be a witness to the nations of the blessings of following God's ways and trusting in Him. This nation and people through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who was renamed by God Israel is the people of Israel or the Jews. God's ways to them was the law of Moses given in the first five books of the Bible.

About 2000 years ago through Jewish geneaology and into a Jewish culture was born, lived, died for our sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven the Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world Jesus Christ or Jesus the Messiah. At Pentecost believing Jews in the Messiah became part of the Church. After the rapture believing Jews (the remnant of Israel) will again be distinct from believing Gentiles.

In the Great Tribulaton or 70th week of Daniel God will arrange the building of a 3rd or Tribulation Temple of God for the Jews on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He will also witness to Jews and Gentiles (people of the nations) through two special witnesses and 144,000 witnesses who will all be Jews that believe in Jesus. They will witness that Jesus was the promised Messiah and that He then will be coming soon to set up His and God's Kingdom over all the Earth ruling from Jerusalem with Israel of the Jews then the Head of the nations in fulfillment of many Bible prophecies. God will also bless Israel in eternity or that part that believes in His Messiah Jesus Christ.

Main Possible Locations of the Ark of the Covenant

I believe there is only one serious candidate for the Ark of the Covenant current location. The most likely location is under the Temple Mount perhaps under the Chamber of Wood spoken in favour by The Temple Institute and others. Possible Locations of the Ark of the Covenant

A good source of information from a biblical perspective about what is going on in the holy land is the following: Israel National News Web Site

August 2013 Resumption of Middle East Peace Talks Between the Israelis and Palesinians Mediated by the Americans

November 2013 Introduction of a Bill by the Jewish Home Party in the Israeli Parliament to Secure Jewish Right to Pray on the Temple Mount

April 2014 Possible Impending End of Current Round of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Under John Kerry

April 2014 Hamas Led Unrest on the Temple Mount to Prevent Jews Going on the Temple Mount at Passover

May 2014 Visit of Roman Catholic Pope Francis to the Holy Land Including the Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem

June 2014 Continuation of Palestinian Unity Government Between Fatah and Hamas and State of World Recognition

June 2014 Recent Disloyal Behaviour of Some Arab Members of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) a Possible Indication of Effects of Arab Spring

July 2014 New Conflict Between Israel and Palestinian Militants Led by Hamas in Gaza

Late August 2014 Longer Term Ceasefire Between Israel and Palestinian Militants in Gaza With Talks to Possible Long Term Agreement

October 2014 Substantial Muslim Violence Led by Hamas Around Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Since End of Gaza Conflict

October 2014 Attempted Arab Assasination Attempt on Jewish Temple Mount Rights Campaigner Yehuda Glick and Increasing Muslim Violence and Threats Before and After to Discourage Jewish Access and Prayer on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Possible Bible Prophecy Significance<>

December 2014 Successful Effort of the Palestinian Authority to Join the UN United Nations International Crimimal Court

February 2015 Former American Middle East Peace Negotiator Saying the Americans Have Lost Patience With the Peace Process and Might Set Imposed Terms for a Middle East Peace Agreement Through the UN Security Council After the March 17 Israeli Election

For more information : The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

January 7, 2009 Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute Declares That the Garments of the High Priest Are Completed

March 2011 The Temple Institute Affirms They Still Have a Qualified Red Heifer and Show Pictures of It on Their Web Site

August 2011 The Temple Institute Describes Increased Freedom of Religious Jews to Pray and to Speak About the Temple on Jewish Holidays Such as the 9th of AV When the Previous Temples Were Destroyed

August 2013 Temple Institute Carries Out First Practice of the Temple Service With Qualified Priests in 2000 Years in Preparation for Their Work in the Coming Third Temple

December (Hannukah) 2014 Temple Institute Makes and Lights Menorah with First Temple Ready Pure Olive Oil in 2000 Years

Third or Tribulation Temple

Official Re-establishment of Jewish Sanhedrin in Israel After Absence for 1600 Years on Monday, December 6, 2004

Before September 21, 2006 The Sanhedrin By Majority Decision Decided the Exact Location of the Jewish Temple is the Muslim Dome of the Rock

The Sanhedrin or Jewish Council of Elders and Priests
Israel Abraham to Moses
Israel Under the Law of Moses
God's Covenants With Israel, the Nations and the Church
Holy Spirit for the Israelites in the Old Testament
5 8 15 16 17 18 19 20The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

Possible Implication of Similiarities of Jordanian and Palestinian (Arab) Flags See Fig Tree as a Sign of Nation of Israel

The Fig Tree as a Sign of The Nation of Israel
12 Writing to Pope Benedict XVI About Temple Treasures
12 Ministry of the Holy Spirit to Unbelieving Jews in the Church Age
12 The Gospel of Jesus Christ Preached to Offer Salvation to Unbelieving Jews in the Church Age
12 The Law of Moses Preached to Convict Unbelieving Jews of Sins in the Church Age
12 Damage of the Dome of the Rock from 2004 Earthquake in Israel
15 The Feast of Trumpets Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish Call Back to the Land
Various Articles on the Tribulation
Tribulation Emphasizing Expression Those Days
The Restoration of Israel in the Last Days
Tribulation to Cause Israel to Know the Lord
14 (15 16) Tribulation or Third Temple of God
15 The 144,000 Messianic Children of Israel Witnesses of the Tribulation
15 God's Two Tribulation Witnesses
(15) 17 The False Prophet or Beast Out of the Land
15 17 18 Multitude Saved in Tribulation by 144,000 Messianic Jewish Witnesses
Israel in the Tribulation

What God Says in His Word About the Nations Parting the Land of Israel That Belongs to His Chosen Earthly People Israel See Second Coming

Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and Others
18 The Day of Atonement Yom Kippur as Picture of Second Coming in Glory of Jesus Christ
18 The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to Set up His Kingdom as Rising Sun
19 The Feast of Tabernacles as a Picture of Messianic Age
20 Pouring Out of the Holy Spirit in the Messianic Age

Prosperity Especially of Israel Under Their Messiah Jesus of Nazareth in the Millennial Kingdom in An Economy Likely Based on Gold and Silver Instead of the Current Fiat or Issued Money

18 19 20 Prosperity and the Messianic Age
18 19 20 The Messianic Age and World Peace
18 19 20 Removal of Sin's Curse on Creation (Nature) and the Messianic Kingdom
18 19 20 Messiah Jesus' and God the Father's Messianic Age Dwelling Place

For more information from a literal Christian scriptural context about Israel especially the Last Days Jewish Temple worship in Jerusalem visit Randall Price's website at:

World of the Bible

The Temple Institute is involved primarily in research and making authentic productions of material needed for the Third Jewish Temple worship such as the furniture of the Temple such as the Menorah, Altar of Sacrifice, Table of Shewbread etc and priestly garments. These are all made as specified in the Law of Moses or other Jewish writings about the Tabernacle or earlier Jewish Temple worship.


The main problem with these literal interpretation of the Old Testament based Jewish temple groups thinking and actions is that, because they don't accept the New Testament as the word of God or Jesus of Nazareth as the Jewish Messiah, they believe they are preparing for the Messianic Thousand Year Kingdom on earth but they are actually unwittingly preparing for what God says in His Word about Israel in the 70th week tribulation of Daniel. However these literal or orthodox Jewish believers are right to believe in, look forward to and prepare for the resumption of their temple worship on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem but that will come in a blessed way in the real Messianic Age after the 70th week of Daniel and after the second coming of the Jewish Messiah in Jesus of Nazareth. Also see: The Temple Mount Faithful

Timeline of God Dealing with the Church, the Jews and the Nations

Timeline of The Jews, The Nations and, The Church
Scenes with God in Heaven
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
SA   VAl  A A1JC GF HA1A  l  l C    GF JC HS HA BJ BN
ll   11l  l ll VC JC HS  l  l       
ll   VAl  l ll **  l  l       
ll   GFl ll ll A   l  l       
SV AGF AJC AHS     --l-- lHS l   S D GF JC HS HA C BJ BN       
Scenes on Earth
N      JCA    A  A  AUJ UN S D AC FP  AAUJ UN S 
l      ll    l  l   ll  lll 
Scenes in Death, Hell or the Lake of Fire

Legend of Symbolsfor Timeline of the Jews, Nations and Church Table

Symbol Explanation
ATop of Acending Arrow
VBottom of Descending Arrow
*In the Air Church Jesus Meeting Place
GFGod the Father
JCJesus Christ the Son of God
HSThe Holy Spirit
HAThe Holy Angels
CThe Church of People Who in This Age Trust Jesus
BJJews Who Believe in God and Messiah Jesus
BNPeople of the Nations Who Trust God and Jesus
JJews Both Believing and Unbelieving
NPeople of the Nations Believing and Unbelieving
UJJews Who Don't Trust God or Messiah Jesus
UNPeople of the Nations Who Don't Trust in God, Jesus
SSatan the Devil, Prince of the Demons or Fallen Angels
DDemons or Fallen Angels or Evil Spirits
ACAntichrist or Beast out of the Sea or Man of Sin also Little Horn of Daniel 7
FPFalse Prophet or Beast out of the Land, Wicked (one) of 2 Thessalonians 2

Table of Major Bible Events and Dispensations (Administrations in a Given Age) and Their Number in Bible Timeline Table

Timeline Number Bible Event or Dispensation for Timeline Number
1 Dispensation of Human Innocence from Creation to Fall of Adam and Eve and the Human Race
2 Dispensation of Conscience from Fall of Man to Call of Noah and Flood
3 Dispensation of Human Government from God Starting Over Through Noah With the Human Race to Call of Abraham
4 Dispensation of Promise from God's Call of Abraham to Giving of the Law through Moses
5 Dispensation of Law from God's Giving His Law on Mount Sina to His Giving His Holy Spirit to the Church on Pentecost
6 Incarnation or Coming from Heaven of God the Son and the Son of God in the Form and Nature of a Sinless Man in the Person of Jesus Christ the Messiah at His Virgin Birth and Conception by the Holy Spirit in Bethlehem rememberred at Christmas
7 First Eartly Ministry Between His Conception and Coming from Heaven and his death for our sins of the Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah). He then showed a perfectly sinless life in word including all his teaching, deeds (miraculous and otherwise), thoughts and motives and feelings and will or worship. This was so we could have a fuller personal revelation of God in the flesh and so Jesus could offer Himself on the cross as God's perfect sacrifice for the sins and resurrection from the dead of all human beings with the benefit received when we trust in Jesus and His work.
8 Death of Jesus Christ for our sins including His descent into hell after His Heavenly Father forsaking Him for 3 hours and His giving up the His spirit
9 Resurrection from the dead of the Lord Jesus Christ and some Old Testament saints and the ascension to heaven of those Old Testament saints the third day after Jesus' death for our sins
10 Ascension or return from Earth to Heaven of the Lord Jesus Christ 40 days after His ressurrection from the dead
11 Descent from Heaven to Earth of the Holy Spirit into the hearts of first Christians 50 days after Jesus' resurrection and beginning of the Church and Church Dispensation or Dispensation of Grace or The Holy Spirit
12 Church Dispenation beginning at Pentecost almost 2000 years ago with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on believers in the Lord Jesus Christ that will continue to the very soon rapture or catching up of true Christians and the taking away of the restrainer (the Holy Spirit). In this period believers from Jews and the Nations are one people of God with Christ (Messiah) as head and united by the Holy Spirit
13 Rapture or catching up of the Church or born again Christians who have personally received the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour to the air to meet Jesus from Heaven
14 Second part of the rapture with the Lord Jesus Christ bringing all born of the Holy Spirit Christians and the restraining Holy Spirit from the air to Heaven
15 First 3 1/2 year halves of The Tribulation or 70th Week of Daniel When God will through the witness of his two witnesses Moses and Elijah and 144,000 Messianic Jewish witnesses save people who turn to Jesus in this time of judgment and open spiritual conflict and evil one world rule of the Satanic Antichrist
16 Final casting of Satan, Lucifer or the devil out of heaven to earth to totally energize and control the wicked world ruler the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea at the midpoint of the 7 year tribulation
17 Second 3 1/2 year half of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel also called The Great Tribulation when there will be no further gospel witness only God's judgment on mankind for their sin and unbelief in Jesus. Believers in Jesus then living on earth will have to endure these plagues and refuse to worship the Beast or take his mark
18 God with His Son and Messiah Jesus Coming from Heaven to Earth with His Saints or Believers and Holy Angels to Set Up His Kingdom on Earth and Resurrection of Other Old Testament Believers and Tribulation Martyrs
19 God through His Son Jesus or His holy angels sending Satan, demons, the Antichrist, False Prophet and unbelieving Jews and Gentiles to hell to make way for His Kingdom on Earth and to judge them for their sin
20 Messianic Kingdom or Age of 1000 Years of God's Rule through His Son Jesus and His saints and angels centred on Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewish people
21 Satan allowed to leave the bottomless pit to deceive the nations one last time at end of Messianic Kingdom as instrument of God's testing their faithfulness to Him
22 Resurrection of Believing Jews and Gentiles (people of the Nations) that died during the Millennial Kingdom and of the lost Jews and Gentiles of all time to face God's judgment by the person of Jesus on the Great White throne believers spared and rewarded
23 Sending to the Lake of Fire of All Unbelievers and Satan, Demons to join the Antichrist and False Prophet
24 ETERNAL AGE AND DISPENSATION or Day of God when God the Father will primarily rule with Jesus through the Holy Spirit over believers of all ages and the holy angels in The New Heaven(s), the New Earth and the New Jerusalem and Satan the Devil all his evil angels, the Antichrist, the False Prophet and all unbelievers of all ages will be confined to The Lake of Fire

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There is much reference to outer space "the heavens" in the Bible, especially the Old Testament, but there is an important point that should be kept in mind when reading or studying these verses. God's Word - the Holy Bible sometimes refers to the physical or natural heavens, sometimes to the spiritual heavens or that which is in them such as angels, demons or God Himself or the future believers. The scriptures sometimes use references to the heavens in an ambiguous way such as the term "heavenly host" that can be taken very soundly in either a natural or spiritual sense. Human beings who have gone into the heavens in our present state, such as astronauts, seem to sense in a limited but real way the co-existing spiritual aspect in the heavens.

June 2013 Discovery of at Least 3 Additional Planets Around Gliese 667C Including Two Habitable Ones

October 2013 Increasing Discovery and Knowledge of Planets Around Other Stars and God Putting Pressure on UFO Alien Messages and Science Fiction to Adapt if Reasonable Scientific Accuracy is Still Desired

December 2013 Discovery by Opportunity Rover of Location on Mars With Past Water Environment that Could Have Supported Microbial Life

January 2014 Curiousity Rover Discovers Past Habitable Location in Gale Crater on Mars

April 2014 Discovery of Earth Mass Potentially Habitable Planet Kepler 186 f Perhaps in the Habitable Zone of its Star

June 2014 Discovery of Nearby Potentially Habitable Planet Kapteyn b

November 2014 Study by Dr. Frank Keppler That Organic Material from Organics Containing Meteorite When Heated Etc Produces Evidence that Chloromethane Detected by Viking and Curiousity Rovers is from Organics or Life Native to Mars and Not Earth Contaminants

April 2015 Determination of Temporary Salty Liquid Water on Mars by Combination of Sunlight, Perchlorate Salts and Water Frost or Ice Including in Gale Crater by Curiosity

The Astronomical or Starry Heavens
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1 To 24 A Scientific and Christian Perspective on Extraterrestrial Life 1a (Our Solar System Part 1)
A Scientific and Christian Perspective on Extraterrestrial Life 2a (Beyond Our Solar System Part 1)

July 2012 Probable Detection of the Higgs Particle That Gives Explanation Why Subatomic Particles Have Mass

The Structure of Matter
The Creation of the Heavens

Bible Prophecy and Other Science

There are many topics in science or nature that are referred to in the Bible. Often they have primarily a literal or physical meaning but sometimes they have more of a spiritual meaning at other times there is both a natural and figurative or spiritual meaning. Some topics dealt with in the Bible from the natural realm include trees, water, the wilderness, spices, animals, rain, precious stones and metals, wind, fire, wood, mountains, seas and rivers.

The Earth and Its Creatures
The Wilderness as Biblical Picture of the Frontier
13 14 Sign of Teleportation of Beryllium Atoms
18 Sign of Teleportation of Calcium Atoms
18 19 20 Removal of Curse on Creation(Nature) and the Messianic Age
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